Green Lantern Issue 62 Review

Green Lantern 62 starts and finishes with a bang. The book begins with Hal Jordan battling the rogue Guardian Krona with the knowledge that something worse is yet to come. Hal Jordan meets with his friends Barry Allen (The Flash), Superman and Batman to discuss what they should do. Hal is left in the predicament of wondering whether he should get his friends mixed up in a mess created by the Lanterns.

Johns continues to startle and amaze me: how he manages to keep this quality up month in month out on so many books is beyond me. One of the zeitgeist’s of comic books, he has paved the way perfectly for War of the Green Lanterns like he has done for Flashpoint. The artwork by Mahinke is beautiful, making the reader’s imagination flow with excitement. Hal’s battle with Krona is stunning as it looks and feels like a big blockbuster movie.

Credit again must go to Johns for the Jordan/Batman confrontation. Each time this appears in a book it is one of the best scenes and again this does not disappoint. Their war as to how to do things and Batman’s distrust of Jordan is a joy to read. The only problem is that it makes you wish they happened more often but at the same time maybe less is more.

For people looking to jump on to Green Lantern just in time before the film this is probably the best time. You might be a little bit confused but with a new story arc on the way and so much mythology built up by Johns over the years , this is the time to do it if you are not going to go back and read the back issues. For fans it builds the anticipation and tension for War of the Green Lanterns to the extent that you cannot wait for the next Comic Wednesday.

Another great issue and must read for any Green Lantern fan.

Luke Halsall

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