Green Lantern Issue 63 Review

Green Lantern Issue 63 is the beginning of the next great Green Lantern story by the mastermind of Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War and Blackest Night, Geoff Johns. It follows Hal Jordan and the key members of the other corps as they try to find Krona, the rogue Guardian who has all but one entity, The Predator. The assembled team go on the hunt, trying to find the entity before Krona does. Whilst back on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe are planning an ambush on Jordan, hailing him a traitor to the corps.

Johns brilliantly builds doubt in your mind as well as Jordan’s through this issue. The question continually is asked of Hal how long he has been without removing his ring. We are yet to learn whether this could lead to serious damage or is causing him problems with his decisions but it definitely leads the reader into intrigue, making them begging for the next part.

The artwork is solid, continuing to compliment Johns style as a writer. Johns will send shivers down any Lantern fan’s spine with the prophetic ending. He has an ability to write so well, so effortlessly that it makes must other writers bow their heads in shame that they cannot keep up with his caliber.

A great issue as well as a great beginning to The War of the Green Lanterns. A must read.

Luke Halsall

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