Green Lantern Issue 64 and Green Lantern Corps Issue 58 Review

The upcoming War of the Green Lanterns has finally begun. In Green Lantern 64 we see Hal and the other key members of the other corps investigating Krona (the Renegade Guardian) and the Book of the Black. At the same time, Krona unleashes the emotional entities onto the Guardians as well as replacing Parallax into the central power battery. With the Green Lantern corps sent to bring in Hal Jordan for treason it would seem that he is all alone, on the run. Kyle Rayner and John Stewart battle it out for dominance before they join forces to help Ganthet deal with Parallax. How much more can the three handle as Parallax and the corps comes after them? Was Kyle Rayner becoming a Green Lantern truly an accident or a work of fate? An emotional ending that will leave any Green Lantern fan desperate to find out what will happen next in Emerald Warriors.

The two issues are a fabulous beginning to what looks like another hit from the DC creative team. As exciting and energetic as Blackest Night, these two issues will hook any Green Lantern fanboy and I am sure that it will grasp passing fans. This arc reads more like an epic film or television show where every second matters. The artwork in both books (Mahnke in Green Lantern and Kirkham in Green Lantern Corps) are stunning. Stand out moments have to come in Green Lantern Corps with the Kyle/John battle. The constructs they both make and the detail by Kirkham is something that any fan and art lover will revel in. Geoff Johns and Tony Bedard have created a tight, nail biting story that is by far the best thing in comics at the moment.

The War of the Green Lanterns has come at the perfect time for the Green Lantern franchise. Just before the film is released, DC have created what looks like another amazing story that will entice new and old readers alike. A must read.

Luke Halsall

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