Heroes Season 3, Episode 1: The Second Coming

This review contains mild spoilers

This review contains mild spoilers

If you were wondering whether Heroes was worth watching, you’d better turn on your TV, fire up your Tivo, or even pop in a blank video tape if you have to. Heroes is back, and it’s getting back to what made it the hit it was in season one. If you don’t like to be teased with dangling plot threads, have no fear; the story immediately gets back to the moment where Nathan Petrelli was shot. We learn who shot him, and for what reason.

It turns out that the future is not very bright if Peter exposes the world to the existence of people like him, people with supernatural abilities.

In Japan, Hiro Nakamura is taking care of his late father’s company with his best friend, Ando, by his side. Hiro wonders what lies ahead of him as a hero. He gets his answer when he recieves a surprise message that will lead him to encounter a new rival in the form of a female speedster. Maya, the surviving half of Heroes‘ Wonder Twins, begs Mohinder Suresh for a cure. His talk with her leads him on a tremendous breakthrough which might be beneficial to all mankind- or the death of it.

The scene shifts back to former police officer and telepath Matt Parkman investegating who shot Nathan Petrelli. He discovers that something is strange about Peter Petrelli. Being a good cop places Matt in a bad circumstance.Nearing the end of the first hour, Claire encounters the big bad of season 1, Sylar. With no power other than to regenerate, what’s a cheerleader to do to do to regenerate herself? Maya and Mohinder continue to discuss the possibvlity of curing Maya and taking away her. Even Maya, a girl who has no degree in any science, sees that Mohinder Suresh is as foolhardy as he is brilliant. At least the character Mohinder is consistent, always making the worst decisions because he’s so damn excited about what he’s onto. In a shokcer, two characters who were thought dead have come back; one character is female, the other male. Together, these characters mean everything to the future of Nathan Petrelli, both as a hero and as a political figure.

Back to Japan, where Hiro can’t resist peeking at what the future holds for the world if he doesn’t follow the instructions given to him. It’s no shock that the world is not looking good in the future. This is another impressive display of visual effects; Hiro’s scenes seem to have the coolest CGI in them, the first being the speed trail that the speedster leaves. Back at the hospital where Nathan is being held, Peter sees his mother, Angela, and we finally learn more about what abilities she has.

I was sad about the truncated second season, but I think that Heroes season 3 is going to win back the viewers who abandoned the show. Season 2 was not a complete waste of time, but out of the episodes we did get, people felt that it wasted time showing the journey of characters rather than some action and the progression of the plot. Like any season opener, this season of Heroes throws all their stuff on the table. I feel that Heroes is asking for forgiveness. I don’t know about anyone other fans, but Heroes, I definitely forgive you.

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Score: 4

I found the season opener to be a reinvigoration of the series. If you abandoned Heroes because of season 2, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot

Dry Slaps: 1

No show is perfect, and there is some lazy writing that rears its ugly head from time to time.

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