Heroes season 3, episode 2: The Butterfly Effect

This review spoils major plot points

This review spoils major plot points

In the second half of the Heroes premiere, Claire deals with the aftermath of battling Sylar. Her adopted mom just can’t seem to take the hint that Something has changed in her, and it’s not for the better.

Angela Petrelli, has a vision of the future that is completely dismal. Who can she turn to? Well, the only one she can commiserate with concerning the future is the future version of her beloved son, Peter. She’s pointing her finger right in Peter’s direction because his appearance in the past has already made things worse.

Meanwhile, Mohinder has developed powers from Maya’s blood- and a new attitude to go with it. Mohinder is probably the most cocky superhuman in the whole show now. I know that Mohinder is one of those characters who rubs viewers the wrong way. I think he is definitely going to raise in the ranks of characters who are hated. Speaking of hated characters, there’s the return of “not” Nicky, AKA Tracy Strauss. She’s now connected to a new character, Governor Malden, and she’s angling for Nathan Petrelli to occupy a vacated senate seat. How and why Nicky is now alive and well, living under a different name is a mystery, but what we do know is that someone has realized that Tracy used to have a past life.

Matt Parkman is still lost, but he’s on the way to learning about, well, something. One thing we learn is that Sprint has its claws in this show when it comes to product placement. Sylar, having taken one of the best abilities in the Heroes world, has now come to take the powers of all the dangerous superhumans detained by “The Company.”  If you had any dislike of Kristen Bell’s character, Elle, I hope you find an interest in her after this. I think this is my favorite scene in this entire hour, because this is when the “Villains” subtitle of this Season kicks into gear. Now Sylar isn’t the only character to worry about.In France (isn’t teleportation cool?), Hiro goes to speedster Daphne’s home to take back the formula. The trust between Hiro and Ando is showing sings of failure. Will Ando really betray him? I think that the truth is a little bit different than what we see in this episode.

There is a body swap that has happened, and it’s confusing me even more than the character it happened to. Is this person in someone else’s body? Is only his mind trapped in this body? If so, is his body somewhere else? I’ve watched nearly all of Quantum Leap, but never have I been so perplexed about one guy being another guy.

Heroes’ final, “shocking” moment is perplexing. What does this mean? Does Angela Petrelli mean what she says, or is there more to her statement? I have great faith that this season of Heroes will be even better than even the first season. I know that people have abandoned this show, but I am hooked into this show because I love having a network TV show involving super powers. Smallville should have been that show, but the plot didn’t progress in the way it should have. I have a fear that Heroes will get stuck in a rut as well, but these first two episodes make me optimistic for episodes to come.

Rate It: 4

Two episodes in and I know that I will be following this season. Problems with season 2? What happened in season 2 again?

Dry Slaps: 1

The writing on this show nags me; please be better!

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