Heroes Season 3, Episode 6: Dying of the Light

This review will spoil most or all details

This review will spoil most or all details

I am tired of Mohinder’s voice overs. They’re not a touch of wisdom. It’s a bad attempt to somewhat connect the seperate stories of these empowered humans; I just have to mention it before I get started talking about “Dying of the Light.”

Yes, Ando is not dead. Heroes can’t seem to get rid of any of their big players, so why would they kill Ando off? We learn how Ando was “killed.” Why Daphne, the speedster, could not see Hiro do the time travelling slight-of-hand. Well, it works on the bad guys and they accept Hiro as a “badass.” Knox takes Adam Munroe to see his boss, the not-quite-dead Arthur Petrelli.

Merideth, Claire’s birth mom, is stuck being the pet of a man who has the ability to treat humans as puppets. I loved this portion of the show, because it was genuinely creepy. I’m sorry to say this about David H. Lawrence XVII, the actor who plays Eric Doyle, but he’s disgusting, especially when he kisses Merideth.

Matt and Daphne meet for the first time, and Matt is not hesitant to tell her what the future will be. Wouldn’t you want to keep a detail like that to yourself, so you don’t freak out the woman you are destined to marry, not to mention disrupt the whole timestream? Daphne is hesitant to get Matt involved in whatever endgame Pinehearst has in mind. She’s walking the line between Hero and villain, leaning towards being a goodie-goodie with every episode she’s in. C’mon, Daphne, make the right choice!

Besides Matt, Daphne has to bring two more members to Pinehearst: Mohinder Suresh and Sylar. Mohinder might fit in because he’s an idiot, and he’s added mad scientist to his resume as well. Sylar, on the other hand, wants to be redeemed, and he doesn’t really want to be on the side of evil again. I don’t think I’m ready to root for Sylar as a hero, but he does do a better job of it than Peter Petrelli. Man, Peter Petrelli’s stock has dropped for me tremendously since season 1, at least for me.

Hiro meets the precognitive painter, Usutu, whom he calls “Mr. African isacc,” which made me chuckle a bit. Hiro’s attempts to capture the precog are funny as well. I wish Hiro and Ando were more involved in the bigger plot. For a show called Heroes, heroism isn’t top of mind for most of these characters, and someone should take the lead. Again, Peter Petrelli’s been a mess since season 1; his brother could be a leader, but Nathan can’t even avoid getting himself caught by Lizardman Suresh. I really wish this show would live up to its name this season!

Our villain, Papa Petrelli, has Angela Petrelli’s body shut down in a coma; he’s gotten a new lease on life (by sucking the essence out of poor Adam Munroe), and he’s also gathered some of the villains he wants for his army. Arthur Petrelli is such a great villain, because with just a touch, he can suck the abilities from a person, leaving them totally vulnerable. Will he ultimately take Sylar’s abilities away, which would make Noah Bennet his number one fan? I can imagine Sylar’s power beign taken from him by season’s end, because at this point he is much too powerful. Even if Sylar has his powers taken, that would leave Arthur Petrelli with all of the best powers, which includes being immortal and regenerative abilities. With Arthur being this powerful, what can stop him?

Rate it: 4

Hiro’s time travelling hijinks were funny this week, I like that Matt Parkman has a love interest (even though she does look a bit young for him), and Arthur Petrelli revealing his power and sucking the powers out of everyone is just what I was waiting for to happen in this show. Heroes needs a villain as interesting as Sylar, or HRG from season 1.

Dry Slaps: 1

I cannot let Heroes go by with a big thumbs up. Week after weak, there are aspects of this show that are just, weak.

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