Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods issue 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods _1 cover by Tony Harris.jpg

Writer: Rob Williams
Penciller: Steve Scott
Inker Nathan Massengill
Colorist Michael Atiyeh
Cover by Tony Harris

What’s it about? Indy finds himself in the middle of a quest which begun decades earlier and once more he out to complete the quest before those pesky Nazis do!

Review it: To me this comic was a pure and simple blueprint on how to do an Indiana Jones comic right (well for me anyway). For me it had everything an Indy comic should have. I loved the fact you started with him as Professor Jones and then later we get that first iconic look at Indy with a fantastic one liner (of which there were many) . The creative team knows showing us the trademark Indy look is a big thing so they treat it accordingly.

There was humour in there but it was definitely in a more Raiders tone then the Last Crusade or Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The story is set between Temple and Raiders and hooked me from the little flashback scene in Siberia where the story begins. I thought the main villain was well done and in the few scenes I read I got a real Belloq crossed with Lex Luthor vibe, with a 1930’s pulp vibe to him, and yet he was his own character. You even had a little nod to Pat Roach’s characters in the three movies and I can only hope this is going to lead to bigger things as the story continues.

The iconic scene of the plane on the map with the red line was pure genius; I could hear the music playing in the background and almost see the line travelling across the pages. Great cliffhanger ending as well. I’m hoping in the later issues we get to see some more fist fights!

Overall I thought the art was very good with a great image of a Manhattan skyline complete with biplanes. However some of the Indy (both in and out of the Indy costume) and Marcus images were pure Harrison Ford and Denholm Elliot, not all of them but more than enough to stand head and shoulder above all of the other Indiana Jones comics I’ve read, most of which just seemed content with drawing a man with a hat and leather jacket and not worrying that he didn’t look like Ford.

If you couldn’t tell I loved this issue. If this level of quality keeps going (as I’m sure it will) I’d love to see these guys get a another mini or a series of their own. If you a fan of Indy then I say definitely check it out. Obviously opinions may vary from mine but as a hardcore Indy fan I loved it!”

Rate it: 5/5

Dry Slaps: 0

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