Judge Anderson PSI Files Volume 1

“Move over creep I’m coming in”

Right let’s get the obvious out of the way first Judge Cassandra Anderson is hot and I mean hot with capital H O and T. After the way she is drawn throughout this book you’d imagine there’s a little ‘How to draw Judge Anderson’ book in 2000ad towers

Tight uniform – check

Gratuitous ass shots – check

Wind blowing through her hair – check

Shower scene(s) – check

Almost nude but not quite scene(s) – check

Hot lady Judge friends – check

But don’t let this fool you into thinking Anderson’s only there for window dressing she could kick your ass and rip your mind apart in a blink of eye and frequently does.

Like her namesake from Greek mythology Cassandra Anderson as psychic abilities and these are employed by the Mega City 1 PSI Division. Anderson is one of the Divisions top operatives but if you’re expecting your normal monosyllabic, rule following Judge you’re in for a bit of surprise with Anderson.  The best way to describe her would be ‘pain in the arse’ – she’s got a smart mouth, resent’s authority (she’s refers to the chief judge as CJ much to every bodies annoyance), regularly breaks the rules and is a maverick but on the other hand she also has a sense of humour, unlike old stony face she is friends with other judges (she even goes to the Bop Shop with Judge Corey) and she also feels doubt and remorse over her actions. However once she is on a mission she is single minded and as determined as any other judge and is perhaps even a rival to Dredd himself in that respect.

PSI files volume 1 weighs in at a hefty 428 pages and contains all original stories there are no reprints of Judge Dredd stories here so there’s no need to worry about duplications.

The stories in this first volume are excellent throughout and cover a wide range of topics you get the return of Judge Death and the Dark Judges, demonic possession, telepathic East Meg spies, aliens, and stories of plain old revenge. The only misfire is the last bonus story ‘The haunting’ which I thought was the weakest of the collection both in terms of story and art.

There where a couple of standout stories which are worth a further mention the first is The Possessed which ran in 2000ad Progs 468-478. The story kicks of with a summoning of demon which then posses a kid from ED Poe block. Anderson along with the Exorcist division of the PSI’s is sent to investigate but things quickly go from bad to worse and the demon Gargarax escapes to the underground and beyond with Anderson in hot pursuit. The resolution to this story is quite shocking and stayed with me after I finished reading it and although it’s repeated again in a later story it didn’t diminish the shock value at the ending of The Possessed.

The other story which was probably my favourite in this book is ‘Engram’ from Progs 712-717 and 758-763 written by Alan Grant with art by David Roach. This story chronicles Anderson’s decent into madness. After a strange encounter in the Cursed Earth when she is chasing down an escaped perp, Anderson returns to Mega City 1 but things are clearly not right with the Judge and she is soon sectioned to protect her and her fellow judges. What follows is a coach trip through Anderson’s fractured mind with Judge Death as the driver!!! I kid you not. I won’t spoil anything as I don’t want to lessen the impact of this story, the writing and art is absolutely amazing in this story and in my opinion is the best story in the PSI files Volume 1.

However, perhaps the best part of this whole collection is the artwork which is absolutely stunning throughout, I don’t think anybody could fail to be impressed by what’s on offer here. I was going to try and single out a particular artist but its all ‘fried gold’ so what’s the point just get it and enjoy it.

Overall this is a great PSI file and any serious 2000ad fan needs this bad girl in their collection.

Rating 5/5 – Loved it

Dry Slaps – None my only small (and I mean small) niggle is why don’t the female judges wear helmets when their on the lawmaster bike’s – oh wait like the book says they look hot with the wind blowing in their hair. Nuff said.

Reviewer Nick Roberts

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  1. Dion Winton-Polak /

    Awesome! I had first two Anderson books way back and loved them. Picked up Satan when I saw it second hand, but never got round to getting any others. If they’re doing a full case-file job like with Dredd then my money’s spent already.

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