Kick-Ass : Creating the comic, making the movie


Ahh, the “Making of” book. For you kiddies out there, back in the days of VHS video if you were nerdy enough to want to know about the making of a film you didnt just pop in disk 2 of your special edition dvd, you went out and bought the making of book. And being a film anorak I have a pile of these dating right back to Dune and the original Crow movie (complete with cool pics of the Ghost Cowboy deleted scenes). But I can actually say this book is unique amongst all the others I have read. And the reason? Mark Millar.

You see whereas these books are usually written by a film journalist employed to hang around the set and put something together, this one is written by Mark Millar who as you probably know is the author of the comic book on which this movie is based. And as the movie and the comic were actually produced in tandem this book is as much about the creation of the print version as it is about the film version.

As a result there is almost no detail on special effects etc but lots on the writing process and the design work both by the movie team and John Romita Jr in the book. There are pages from Millar’s notebook showing how the story came together and how his creative process works, early emails between Millar and the director discussing the project’s shape and notes from the lovely (hey, shes a redhead) Jane Goldman on the scripting process.

Some movie purists might not enjoy so much time being devoted to the comic’s creation, and some comic purists might be annoyed to read how much the comic was geared towards its movie counterpart, but personally I loved it. Mark Millar out and out says that the movie people had some cool ideas and why the hell shouldnt he incorporate those into the comic if they work? Having read Kick-Ass I can say it doesn’t seem compromised in any way and from the look of the trailers the movie is equally out there.

I tore through this book fairly quickly, a sign of how much I enjoyed it, and was glad to find that unlike a lot of these books I have, 3/4 of it wasn’t taken up with a very spaced out copy of the shooting script. Some people like scripts in their making of books, to me it always feels like filler. As you would expect there are also areas devoted to the cast where you get their take on it all, but again what I enjoyed was Mark Millar’s comments on what it was like seeing these people bringing his characters to life.

This really is a making of book geared towards the comic fan.

Stars out of Five – Four. Maybe after I see the movie and re-read it, it’ll get bumped up to a five.

Dry Slaps – One… for the two pages which basically reprint blog entries from Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl) ‘s personal website. Reading pages of a 13 year old girl going “Im super excited.. its so cooool… you guys are AWESOME” in the middle of the book just weirded me out.

GS Reviewer – Richard McAuliffe

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