KIDS READ COMICS: Itty Bitty Mask #2

Comics aren’t just for grown-ups. Here we put Dark Horse’s latest Itty Bitty book into the hands of its intended audience…an eight year old called Lucas.

The Mask is back, and it’s Herman Shazbert’s turn! When the mild-mannered zookeeper buys his wife a strange mask, the whole family wants to try it on! But watch out, Grandma Shazbert—it will put quite the pep in your step!

Geek Syndicate: Lucas, this is your first review for GS, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lucas: I’m 8 years old, I go to primary school and I’m in Year 3. I like Godzilla, comics, Transformers, Power Ranger…all sorts of stuff.

GS: We picked Itty Bitty Mask #2 because you’d already read the first issue. Why did you pick #1 when we were at the comic shop?

L: I picked it since I’ve read Itty Bitty Hellboy which I really enjoyed because it was fun. I picked this because it was the same name and the same people, and I recognised the art and colouring.

GS: Did you know anything about the Mask before reading #1?

L: I had no idea what the Mask was, but that didn’t stop me enjoying it at all.

GS: So, what is the Mask?

L: I’d say it’s an artefact, the main character bought it and he turns into a mischievous man. He does weird things, in #1 when his Meemaw puts it on she knits a cover for the whole house, it’s very funny.

GS: Itty Bitty Mask #2, what did you think of it?

L: It was very fun and had some very funny bits. It’s very good, they go to a comic con. It’s not really like the comic cons I’ve been to because there weren’t any cosplayers.

GS: Does it have the same characters as issue 1?

L: I don’t know all the characters in #2. It’s a mixture of old and new, there are even zoo animals in it.

GS: What do you think of the artwork?

L: It’s very creative, the art for the clown look of the lion (with the Mask on) is very good. And the fact that he actually made all the animals have a go at wearing the mask, and when they put it on there’s a tornado…that isn’t very good.

GS: What about the story?

It’s very nice, in issue 1 you meet the person who owns the mask and the person who buys it and his wife, kids and mum. My favourite bit in issue 1 is when Meemaw puts the mask on.

GS: How about your favourite bit in issue 2?

L: When all the different animals wear the Mask because they all do different stuff like the lion and the man doing the tango.

GS: Would you recommend IBTM2 to other kids?

L: I’d probably recommend it for 3 to let’s say 10 yr olds.

GS: Would you recommend it to grown ups?

L: Only if they have a good sense of humour!

GS: Would you like to read #3?

L: Yes, definitely

GS: What score would you give it out of 5?

L:  I’d say 5 out of 5.

Title: Itty Bitty Mask #2

Publisher: Dark Horse

Reviewer: Lucas Williams (aged 8)

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