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In Knight and Day, Tom Cruise is the covert agent who has been set up by someone in his organisation to take the fall for a bad deed.  Cameron Dias is the woman who blunders into his life, unexpectedly complication matters as there is a definite frisson of interest on both their sides.

The story hurtles along at breakneck speed following June Havens (Dias) as she gets on a plane in Wichita, after “shopping” for some car parts at a local junk yard.  She’s restoring her dad’s old car for her sister’s wedding, which is a pretty new and different premise for a main character.  She owns and runs a garage and is therefor a bit tomboyish and this piques our covert agent, Roy Miller’s (awful name) interest.  They are soon chatting away on the plane which only has a handful of other passengers.  Cam is lovely and sweet, pulling off her slightly ditzy blonde routine, whilst Tom is the more controlled and funny one of the two.

June heads off to the loo to compose herself as she can tell her and Roy are definitely hitting it off.  And it’s not just a passing thing.  In the meantime Roy takes out all the passengers, air hostess and pilots in an amazing fight sequence full of humour and violence.  Yes, it turns out everyone on the plane was after Roy to kill him.  It was a 75 move fight scene in the cramped quarters of the plane and Mr. Cruise managed to pull it off, with enough time to perch on the side of a seat with a  drink in his hand, waiting for June to come out of the ladies.

So now the plane is hurtling through the air with no one to fly it…and June comes out, noticing everyone else asleep and the door to the pilot’s cabin open…revealing that no one is flying the plane.  It’s a very amusing scene that follows as Roy explains to her that the pilots are no longer around and that it is now up to him to fly the plane.

The plane crashes in a cornfield, both Roy and June survive – naturally – and walk away unscathed.  Roy carefully explains to June that some men will be coming to talk to her soon.  She has to be very aware of certain phrases they will be using.  They will tell her he’s undergone some kind of psychotic break and they will want to know things about both of them.  She is to tell them nothing.  More importantly, she is not supposed to get into a car with any of them and not to trust them at all.

You have skills, June

The next thing June wakes up at her house and on TV reporters are talking about the plane crash from Wichita.  She tries explaining all of this to her almost fiance Rodney but he thinks she’s being slightly hysterical about things.  The more she tells him about the guy, the less he believes, until The Guy actually shows up.  Then takes her hostage, threatens to kill himself and then her…then shoots Rodney in the leg.  The question that remains topmost in everyone’s mind is: is Roy really crazy, has he really gone off reservation or is he just the most clever guy in the room?

Enough of me breaking down the movie scene by scene – there are some utterly laugh out loud moments in the the movie.  There were even some moments where I looked at Tom Cruise and thought that he had that twinkle back in his eye that had so many girls swooning a few years ago.  He is by far a more likeable character than in his Ethan Hunt Mission Impossible movies.  He amused me no end that whilst they are going through this massive car chase scene, with June driving and Roy rolling around on the bonnet, that he would say things like (paraphrased) “You are doing really well, June.  Excellent driving,” and “You have skills, June, definite skills.”  It was his positive reinforcement in the movie towards other minor characters too, that really characterised him so well throughout.  And it made me remember him far more than I remember June who was much more the generic ditzy blonde character who did countless silly things whilst trying to come to grips with the situation they were in.

Knight and Day zooms to various exotic locations as June and Roy try to keep one step ahead of the Bad Men who are looking to take him out for betraying them.  Their relationship is all about the pithy dialogue and the crazy stunts.  I was interested to learn, from looking at the production notes, that Cam and Tom did a lot of their stunts themselves, including a crazy motorcycle chase scene through Cadiz during the running of the bulls.  It’s insane and intense and the mind boggles that they managed to pull this off without anyone getting killed.

As the story unfolds we learn why they are after Roy, we meet the person he is protecting, a young scientist who…hum, no further spoilers, I promise.  But needless to say, the kid is a bit clueless and needs protection, mainly from himself.

Knight and Day won’t win Oscars, but it will win you over as it is really a sweet love story, and there just so happens to be a lot of action and guns and explosions.  It’s a fun popcorn flick with two very bankable stars in the lead that deliver the goods at the end of the day.  And although it’s slick and well rehearsed, there is a chemistry between the two actors and the audience that can’t be denied.  A worthy summer flick to keep us entertained.

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  1. Not normally a Tom Cruise fan but trailers plus this review are persuading me to go see this one.

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