Toy Review: Lego 21103 Back to the Future

movies-lego-back-to-the-future-boxI can’t get over how cool it is that a Lego Back to the Future set even exists, much less than I got to buy one a recent trip taking the kids to Legoland. A product of the CUUSOO program, where fan-made sets can be voted on, and if interest gathered, stand a chance to actually made, the 21103 Back to the Future is the fourth set to make it to production. So, how is it?

First up it comes in a really nice box, the sort that will hold up well, as you’ll presumably want to keep it. It folds open with tabs, rather than needing ripping and feels appropriate for a collectors item. First impressions count – and its strikingly designed although with a slightly unflattering picture of the actual DeLorean. But we’ll come to that later. The instruction manual is also nicely put together, including some stuff on the CUUSOO project originators, the Lego designer that worked on converting it to a set, and the movie itself. There is also a nice write up on Micheal J Fox’s Parkinsons Disease charity, which gets some of the proceeds from the set itself. lego-unveils-back-to-the-future-time-machine-set-2

Construction took me about 40 minutes, and is pretty straightforward, with some nifty work in places to try and get the angles right. You build the Back to the Future car first, and then get conversion instructions for the BTTF2 flying version and the BTTF3 1955 version with the values on the hood. The two figures are from the first film and are nice representations, although I’d loved to had a remote control for Doc and maybe an Einstein figure. The box art, I have to say, makes the set look chubbier than it does in real life; especially around the front windshield which is less fore-shortened than the photos make out. It is pretty cramped inside, and sadly can’t fit both figs, but the doors open and there is a proper Time Co-ordinates setting dial and Flux Capacitor inside. movies-lego-back-to-the-future-delorean

I’ve seen some commentary that some people have been disappointed with the set’s size and relative blockiness, but it retails for £35.00 in the UK, which isn’t bad value for a versatile and limited-run set, selling to a small market. Sure, I’d have bought a £50, or £60 version with more detail and cleaner lines, but I strongly suspect there would be a big drop off in sales overall. Similarly, the CUSSOO process captures how much people would pay for a set, as well as just interest, and that must have been a factor in the price point they chose. I think it attract more casual “that looks cool” purchases this way and that bodes well for future licensed products of this sort.

So this is a cool think to have on a shelf – if you’re a fan of Lego, or a fan of Back to the Future (or better yet, both!), it’s well worth seeking out.

GS Reviewer: Matt

Score : 4/5

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