Lost Girl Season 2 Overview

lost-girl-season-2-castIf you like your televisual fantasy TV to be fast paced, have plenty of twists and turns, deliver great stand alone episodes as well as interesting long arcs, and you are not already watching Lost Girl, then –  uhm  – I don’t know what to say.

Yes I do. What are you waiting for?

For those of you new to Lost girl, here is a quick catch up.

Three Sentence Sum-up: Fairies and Myths are real; the good, the bad and the very ugly. Having discovering her Fae heritage, Bo the succubus, along with her street savvy friend Kenzi, has learnt how to navigate the ancient world of mystical and deadly creatures that exists alongside our own. Now Bo has to survive the politics of the Fae and also somehow destroy a growing threat to all of Fae-kind.

For those of you needing a refresher of season two before season 3 airs in the Uk on Tuesday April 23rd, then read on.

At the end of season one, Bo was forced to kill her birth mother Aife, after Aife turned to the Dark side. Dyson made a deal with the Norn and was stripped of his ability to love, leading him to go walkabout in the woods. The Light Fae council was blown up, and the serving Ash was left comatose. And those are just the highlights.

Season two managed to become simultaneously more convoluted and fun as Bo continued to stay unaligned and get into all sorts of trouble with her trusty ‘BFF’ Kenzie. Fae politics came to the forefront as the seasons big bad – the Garuda – almost finished off the team of usual suspects. Light and Dark Fae learned to fight back to back as the threat of the Garuda grew.  Dyson’s long lost love Ciara – a full blooded Fairy – reappeared after being presumed dead. Vex temporarily joined the side of the Light, after being stuck between the Garuda and an enraged Morrigan. The new Ash treated Lauren like chattel and was not all he seemed. Bo helped Lauren get the cure for her comatose girlfriend Nadia, but when Nadia woke up she was subtly not herself. Bo started dating Ryan  – a mischievous Fae from the Loki bloodline, but his moral ambiguity towards humankind lead to relationship problems. Even with all this happening, Bo still had time to discover that despite Aife being gone, there might still be someone with familial ties, closer to home than she suspected.

Throughout season two many things stayed the same from season one and many things changed – usually for the better. The episode run was expanded from thirteen episodes to twenty two which allowed a nice narrative arc to build up without feeling rushed. The main cast was expanded to include a variety or recurring guest roles for some stand out Dark and Light Fae – Vex in particular became a fan favourite – and the superb Linda Roessier as Dyson’s new love interest Ciara

Things that haven’t changed:

Characters don’t talk to each other! Communicating mishaps and vital secrets are a cornerstone of this show. Dyson got his ability to love back, but hasn’t told Bo. Kenzie appears to be turning into some form of Snake Fae after her smack down with the Norm tree Fae. Lauren – well Lauren appears to be her same angsty self, not that I am complaining because Zoie Palmer manages to make the character sympathetic instead of whiny. Plus to be fair  season two was a pretty hectic emotional roller-coaster for poor lauren. Trick still has more secrets that any one being should ever have to withhold, and as a result the usual suspects lurch from one life threatening situation to another. As a fan of the show I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Also the cute Fae related episode titles are here to stay.  Season two episode titles:

1 Something Wicked This Fae Comes

2 I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)

3 Scream a Little Dream

4 Mirror, Mirror

5 BrotherFae of the Wolves

6 It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

7 Fae Gone Wild

8 Death Didn’t Become Him

9 Original Skin

10 Raging Fae

11 Can’t See the Fae-Rest

12 Masks

13 Barometz. Trick. Pressure

14 Midnight Lamp

15 Table for Fae

16 School’s Out

17 The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire

18 Fae-nted Love

19 Truth and Consequences

20 Lachlan’s Gambit

21 Into the Dark

22 Flesh and Blood

Things that have changed:

Hale and Dyson are no longer ‘brother’s from another mother’. Hopefully season three will unveil if their friendship can ever be repaired. Bo is staring to ask pertinent questions about her Fae heritage, and actually embrace her succubus powers more.

The end of season two left some central characters dead, others acting possessed (probably, kinda), others having to deal with the consequences of very unwise actions, and the love triangle between Bo, Dyson, and Lauren still firmly unresolved.

So season three has a lot to live up to . . .

The full third season is thirteen episodes long, a slight decrease over the second season episode run of twenty two episodes.

 The Syfy UK channel currently shows new episodes of Lost Girl every Tuesday night at 10pm, (just after new episodes of Defiance) with repeats shown every Wednesday morning at the uncharitable hour of 2 AM, and again on Wednesdays at 9pm

Showcase has announced that Lost Girl will defiantly return to screens for a fourth series, but has not confirmed when this will happen nor how many episodes season four will have. (Source for renewal information is SciFi.about.com)

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