TV REVIEW: Merlin Season 3 – Episode 2: The Tears of Uther Pendragon (Pt 2)

At the end of last week’s mini-cliffhanger, Kilgarrah (aka the Great Dragon), helps Merlin and flies him back to Camelot, which is on the verge of all out war. The evil duo of Morgause and Cenred team up to invade the weakened citadel as Uther is unable to rule. These circumstances force Arthur to step in and lead Camelot’s forces against Cenred’s powerful army. But what Arthur doesn’t know may kill him as Morgana has something deadly up her sleeve. It’s all about dividing and conquering –  there’s not just one invading army but two. But who’s sent the second army and can Arthur and Merlin’s unique strengths to hold off Camelot’s enemies on two fronts?

The Tears of Uther Pendragon Review (Spoiler-free!)

And Syfy asked Colin what he thought about this week’s episode below:

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