TV REVIEW: Merlin Season 3 – Episode 5: The Crystal Cave

On the run from bandits, Arthur and Merlin stumble upon The Valley of the Fallen Kings. But before they can find safety, the prince is shot in the back with an arrow, leaving Merlin to try and keep him alive. Unfortunately, it’s a losing battle until the ghost of a long dead sorcerer, Taliesin agrees to heal Arthur if Merlin follows him in the Crystal Cave. While there, Merlin witnesses glimpses into the future. However, it’s not all happiness as the young warlock sees Morgana about to kill Uther. Determined to stop her, he tries to change the visions he saw. But as we all know, playing with destiny is a dangerous game and his actions end up having fatal consequences. Merlin has to undo the damage he’s caused before it’s too late.

The Crystal Cave Review

And Syfy asked Colin what he thought about this week’s episode below:

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