TV REVIEW: Merlin Season 3 – Episode 9: Love in the Time of Dragons

Gaius gets it on! Ahem…or rather, his old love is back in the picture in this week’s episode. Merlin is pleased to get acquainted with a different side of his mentor when Alice arrives in Camelot. However, he soon discovers that she is under the influence of a Manticore, bent on killing Uther. When Merlin tells the physician about Alice’s evil scheme, Gaius refuses to believe that Alice could do such a thing. Merlin and Gaius have a falling out as a consequence of the young warlock’s refusal to back down and the old man being blinded by love.

With the King in danger and all evidence of the wicked plot pointing to Alice and the mean magical creature that has possessed her, it will take a lot for Merlin to convince Gaius of the truth.

Love in the Time of Dragons Review

And Syfy asked Colin what he thought about this week’s episode below:

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