TV REVIEW: Misfits – Christmas Special

Official episode guide: The gang have finished their community service, but it’s the week before Christmas and they’re all stuck in crappy dead-end jobs. Alisha meets Seth who has the ability to ‘deal’ super-powers. Alisha holds out her hand, Seth touches her and Alisha’s power is gone. Alisha tells the rest of the gang and they decide to sell their super-powers. Meanwhile Elliot, a disillusioned priest, visits Seth and buys some super-powers that will allow him to pass himself off as Jesus. And Nathan meets a girl at the community centre ante-natal class and is instantly smitten – has Nathan finally found his soulmate?
*contains Spoilers*


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this episode – it coming just 3 days after the season 2 finale. Would it be a stand alone Christmas-themed episode or would it continue to build on the show’s mythology? It was actually a bit of both. Surprisingly, it was an unmissable episode in that it was a bit of a game changer – setting the Misfits up what promises to be an exciting third season. That they will have new powers is a genius idea and I’m guessing Simon chooses some sort of time travel.  Okay, the buying and selling of powers seemed to come out of nowhere, but Misfits is one of those shows where details like that don’t seem to matter so much. The same goes for the strange tone of this episode – something I think only Misfits can get away with. I would imagine anyone unaccustomed to watching the show regularly would be a bit baffled as to what exactly the show is about, one minute it is epic superhero stuff, the next distasteful gags and spontaneous Christmas carols, and then gritty death and drama. This has always been the case – it just wasn’t as seamlessly blended together in this episode.

What with all the blasphemy, leaky bladders and one of the most repulsive birthing scenes you will see on television this could be the most un-PC and most vulgar episode of Misfits yet. I don’t think I will be forgetting Kelly spitting out placenta any time soon.

The Good

  • Simon in training.
  • Simon and Alisha’s first kiss. Awwwww…. I’m a little disappointed we have skipped forward 3 months and so missed out on watching them get together but I’m still enjoying watching them work out their relationship.
  • Simon is jealous. Of himself.
  • Nikki’s death scene. After last week’s cinematic death-scenes, this was a much-needed reality check. No super powers and no coming back; this was real life.
  • Nathan attacks the afterbirth. Nasty.
  • Kelly spits out placenta. Eww.
  • Fisherman’s Friend.

The Bad

  • Nathan appeared to be possessed. With Misfits you never know what’s coming next, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Nathan’s new love interest doesn’t feature at all next season, but I didn’t buy him falling in love and becoming a “father”, I know it was part of the whole Christmas theme but it didn’t work for me
  • Not sure I believed Alisha would have lied to Simon to get him to give up his power. His was a pretty harmless power and they could have been a normal couple with it – plus she would surely be worried about messing up the future *confuses head with possible time travel scenarios*. Obviously, she was supposed to lie – so that Simon would choose a new power – but she didn’t know that so it seemed a silly thing to do.


I loved the music they played whenever  met with  “power dealer” Seth.  Along with some old classics there were a couple of alternative Christmas songs by Eels, the Ramones and Julian Casablancas.

Best Line

“It’s afterbirth you dick-head!” (Kelly to Nathan).

Rating 3 ½ /5

The weakest episode of a brilliant season  – but it was still pretty good. Season 3 cannot come soon enough.

Alexis Jayne Defoe.

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  1. Dee /

    Speaking of 3rd season, do we know when it’s coming? Is ‘a little later next year’ January, spring, or next fall?

  2. I made the leap that the baby had a superpower – some sort of unifying and making people happy power – it was never spelt out, but, retroactively it’s easy to see how it would fit.


    • Yes, probably – like when he went all ga ga for the baby in Season 1. Still felt weird for me though.

  3. bob /

    As much as I thought Simon would get the power to go back in time, as I recall the power was sold to someone wanting to kill Hitler.
    And how does future Simon touch Alisha? she still had her powers at that time so Simon might obtain the power to suppress or borrow powers?????
    Can’t wait for the next season next October/ November!!!!!

    • I don’t know why I bother guessing actually – I didn’t think he had Cutris’ power but a different one that enabled him to go back not everyone go back, but yes you are right, he was able to touch Alisha – maybe his power is “badassness” .

  4. matthew /

    he cant have curtis power because curtis goes back into his own body same with the guy who bought curtis’s power he cant go any further back than his own life so killing hitler would be impossible i hope nathan keeps his immortality i think simon will get the new power to stop any abilities around him or mimic other peoples power……

    • agreed 🙂

      • john /

        Well.. about the time travel to kill hitler. I think that this “old jew” went time travel to his young times to kill hitler, but he was just some ordinary jew that could not do anything so he was shot by some nazi soldiersand thus kaboom, the power died with him, and his deah did not affect the current events.

  5. Darrel Eve /

    Changing their powers is a clever idea in keeping the show fresh and interesting and I can see why the writer removed the option of curtis getting his powers back. Every time the ‘misfits’ got themselves in some kind of trouble curtis would just rewind time at the end of the episode and set things the way they were originally, this was becoming tedious. So they made a point of letting the audience know that he wasn’t getting that specific power back, which i’m personally glad about. Weather or not Killing hitler was possible is irrelevant (and as i recall it has never been said that he could only time travel in his own lifetime??). I think his girlfriend is staying dead this would leave some good character development, showing how they have to live with unchangeable consequences.

    Nathan become suddenly paternal did seem a little random and out of character. I also have a feeling this was just for the christmas special and have my doubts that this would continue into season 3.

    When you think about it the whole deal with future simon’s mission was to change certain events in his past (the clocks on the wall indicated when these would happen) so he has technically changed his future and so wouldn’t have any need to go back in time later on (yes this creates a grand father paradox but basing the theory that changing the events creates an alternate timeline/reality means that now live in a reality which is much different from what he knew and could live his life with need to travel back)

    His original timeline not only included Alisha being show and killed (of which he jumped in the way) but Nathan still being buried alive in his coffin as it was the masked man who told them about him.

    In order for future simon to be able to touch Alisha he would need some sort of power that renders other powers inert or himself being impervious to powers himself. The hole thing with him jumping and running from rooftops isn’t a superpower, loads of people can do it, its called ‘free running’ or ‘parkour’ but like I said I don’t think its necessary anymore theres no need to go back, the time line has been changed but an alternative simon, he said “I came back to change the past so we could be together” dying isn’t what I would call being together.

    besides it don’t make sense, how could they of been together and gone vegas if she would of been blatantly shot if he wasn’t there to save her, plot hole!!

    anyway back to their new powers, they never said what powers where available so they could be anything (although they seem to favour giving them abilities that match their personalities).

    Nathan will keep is immortality and medium abilities. If anything to stay in communication with his brother and MAYBE insure he’s around for the baby. He’s also a gobby little shite that would mostly get killed again soon, which is why we love him lol, why fix something thats not broken.

    Kelly, I believe will definably get a new power, She never seem to do anything with her mind reading and as a result just seems like a second rate character.

    anyones guess about the rest but we know they cant have, walking on water, telekinesis, teleportation, the horny raping thingy as they all dies with jesus.

    im done
    sorry for the essay.

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