Misfits – Series 2 Episode 4 – Review

Slightly shorter review this week due to a lack of WiFi. I blame the snow – the cause of all the world’s ills apparently.

Spoiler-free episode guide taken from the official Misfit’s site:

Meet Ollie. He’s an environmental protester starting his community payback. And guess what? He has a power! Is the gang about to get a brand new member?

Whilst out on the street picking up rubbish the gang run into Tim. Tim is aggressive and irrational – pretty much what you’d expect from their estate. Unfortunately for the Misfits, he has taken a particular dislike to them: they had better start running.

Elsewhere Nikki, the mysterious girl from Curtis’ flash forward, has a heart-transplant which causes some unexpected side-effects…

*Spoilers* follow break


Another good episode this week, however, after last week’s shocking reveal and all-round awesomeness I’ll admit I was left a little disappointed. Tim felt much more of a plot device than I would have liked. In fact I thought the episode as a whole was mainly about putting the various pieces into place for future episodes. It was a nice touch to have Ollie’s heart go to future sexy lady (Nikki? I’m gonna go with Nikki) and transfer his powers to her. I also enjoyed the final scene with Alisha and Future Simon; it was very cinematic. Unusually for me, I was not in floods of tears – I cry at everything!

I like the idea of a zombiefied Tim knocking down old grannies in his flash car as a literal interpretation of many fears people have about the impact of violent video games on our culture – is Kelly right in thinking that this is what happens when men spend all day playing video games and wanking? 

The most interesting thing for me now is watching Simon transform into the man he will become. This season we have often seen the other Misfits look to him for leadership and he has saved the day many a time, yet he is still awkward and timid and doesn’t yet have the respect he desrves. This week he makes a joke about killing Ollie if he finds out about their powers – to which Nathan’s response is, “You’re creeping out of your weird little shell, I get that. Good for you. But let’s get one thing straight. I’m the funny guy round here”. Future Simon explains that it’s his relationship with Alisha that changes him so I’m looking forward to watching their story play out also.

The Good

  • We learn how sexy future lady Nikki gets her power
  • Simon’s sacrifice – he can’t save everybody, even himself *blub*
  • Video game graphics –  I especially liked it when the next level loads and Tim finds out his next mission.
  • The probation worker maintaining his complete indifference to the welfare of the Misfits and his job in general
  • This week’s slow-mo treat: flip-flop wearing environmentalist Ollie suits up to Edwin’s Starr’s ‘War’.

The Bad

  • Bit anti-climatic
  • Maybe it’s just me but I wasn’t laughing out loud this week, not enough Nathan one-liners maybe? *sad face*
  • I’m hoping and guessing that there is a reason Future Simon doesn’t wear a bullet proof vest and helmet during his rescue? There must surely be a reason for him to sacrifice himself other than saving Alisha.  It can’t have been so that Tim moves onto the next level of his game – we know that Simon has no problems bumping people off (all be it accidentaly) to protect his fellow Misfits. I just hope the sacrifice is shown to be worth it.
  • Misfits episode guide: Tim is aggressive and irrational – pretty much what you’d expect from their estate. Nice to know what people think of us council estate folk…


I liked the music in the Alisha/Future Simon scenes, especially Low’s ‘Laser beam’ a good replacement for ‘Simon’s Theme’ which dominated most of their scenes last week. I’ve decided now this should only be used on extra special and momentous occasions.

I loved watching the Misfits run around the Aylesbury estate in South London, having lots of friends and family who live there, and was musing on this fact when the Luther theme music – Massive Attack’s ‘Paradise Circus’ – kicked in– another show which often films in the area. I was much pleased.

There were lots of other interesting tracks this week from Hanson to Jack Nitzsche to Edwin Starr. Be sure to check out E4 Misfits site for a full track-listing each week and subscribe on Spotify.

Best line

“Where’s the prick in the mask when we need him?” (Nathan).


3/5   I’ve got a feeling this episode will improve with a second viewing.



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  1. Lewis /

    Any chance you could tell me the song between 18;40 till 20;06


  2. Maybe Simon could go to the past but could not return.

    I loved last episode, but I LOVE every episode! This show is just hitting all the right spots.

    What I loved most about this is that they actually attempt (or strategize) to use their powers. I like that they are still somewhat blase about having powers.

    The shock of the new guy being killed + his powers going to that girl was a good move. Didn’t expect it at all.

    What I hope for is that the Nolan Batman-esque “superhoodie cave” shows up again. I wonder if Alisha would be the leader of the team now that she knows about the future?

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