Misfits – Series 2 Episode 5 – Review

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Nathan’s been violently killed… again. This time he suspects Jessica, a butter-wouldn’t-melt charity worker from the community centre. Plus Jessica seems to have targeted Simon as her next victim. When she invites everyone to a charity fancy dress party, the others are convinced she is going to make her move.

Elsewhere, Kelly’s love life seems to be taking a turn for the better. She meets Bruno. He is on the run from the police (naturally), but he thinks Kelly’s beautiful. Has Kelly finally found her perfect man?

*spoilers follow*


Brilliant episode this week. The great one-liners are back and they managed to balance the upbeat moments with the darker brutal death scenes; It developed the characters and kept the season’s plot moving forward; It had a good pace and built up to a climactic ending that (reveal of Bruno aside) would have made an excellent season finale (can’t wait to see what they actually have in store for us next week); All whilst skilfully walking the fine line between being totally credible and totally ridiculous.

There were a number of twists this week which I didn’t see coming (though, I think we’ve established that I never do). We discover that it’s not Jessica doing the killing, but rather it’s her over-protective psycho father. The slasher-movie elements of this plot were an added bonus to an already great episode, with creepy music, the supposedly-dead coming back to life “for one last scare” shot, and the whodunit factor. But the most exciting twist is that in the rooftop scene from Curtis’ flash-forward he is actually in fancy dress. Genius! Then there is the reveal of Bruno as a real-life ape who was affected by the storm. I loved the dramatic King-Kong scaling of the building, but I wasn’t really sure what to think once we saw what he really was. I commend Howard Overman’s bravery in subjecting us to this occasionally odd sense of humour, but like last week’s opening of the nuts scene, I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. It’s clearly funny, the juxtoposition of the ludicrous with the swelling orchestra, but it just makes me feel a little strange and I’m moved to neither laughter nor tears. I’d imagine most of the audience were in stitches though so I’ll let this one slide.

The group bond really appears to be strengthening, despite our two couples having broken up. Once again we see Simon developing into his future persona and for now it is a smooth yet naturalistic transition. He loses his virginity – and we now know why it wasn’t with Alisha – and I’m pretty sure they have sexed-up his hair already as it was looking pretty damned, er, fine, in the final scene on the roof. Alisha, is trying best to hide her feelings for Simon, but is now constantly looking out for his well-being; defending him from Nathan’s near-constant verbal abuse and eventually saving his life.

The Good


  • Simon gets the slow-mo action this week as he fixes his little fringe and bravely approaches Jessica to ask her out on a date.
  • Alisha flirts with Simon and asks if she can walk in with him: “You don’t have to if you’re embarrassed to be seen with me” – cute line considering it’s coming from Alisha.
  • Kelly’s bra permanently “peaking” out of her vest.
  • The death-scenes (see above).
  • King Kong homage/piss-take

The Bad

  • Gorilla scene aside (as I’m still undecided) I actually can’t think of anything. In regards to the series so far I suppose Nathan Curtis is still not getting much on screen-action – that is to say most of his scenes are about him getting some (pretty full-on) action. He is definitely the Misfit we know (care?) least about. Still, there’s always Season 3 *says with massive grin on her face*.


Lots of club tracks this week due to the party, but it was once again a diverse mix of music including the fabulous Echo & The Bunnymen’s ‘The Killing Moon’, more superhero-esque score, and a bit of ‘Adagio for Strings’.

Best line

“Does anyone else feel like a total c*nt?” – Nathan to his fellow costumed Misfits. Brilliant. Dashing any hopes we might have had of our Misfits becoming crime-fighting caped crusaders any time soon whilst simultaneously making us think it was probably a sh*t idea in the first place. Orange jumpsuits will do just fine thank you, besides, we’ve already had some fun with old Superhoodie (R.I.P).


5/5 Misfits is back on form with a cracking episode. Bring on the finale and Christmas special!


Alexis Jayne Defoe.


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  1. Craig /

    I think you meant “Curtis” isn’t getting much screen time. And that’s what I’ve been feeling like this season. Hopefully he has a big part in the finale but from the trailers it again looks like he’s barely in it.

  2. Sam /

    I’m with you on the King Kong storyline. Wasn’t so into it – the whole thing seemed a bit superflous to me. Apart from that great episode!

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