TV REVIEW: Misfits – Series 2 Episode 6 – Season Finale

*contains spoilers*

Official E4 episode guide: The gang’s superpowers have been exposed to the entire world. They’re ruddy famous celebrity super heroes! And they’re being called the ‘Asbo Five’. Why? There’s serious money to be made – they just need to handle their fame. Ensconced in a luxury hotel, the newly outed heroes become the target of a sinister killer with the most bizarre power yet.


Well, well, well….I really enjoyed this week’s episode. Once again, it was a perfect blend of comedy, drama and tension.

It was good to see the Misfits off of the local estate and the community centre. In spite of all the glamour of their new-found fame it all looked rather gloomy and the music captured the tone perfectly.  It was great to see Nathan lapping up the attention and revelling in the joys of fame, girls and free canapés. It was also exciting  to see Simon find Superhoodie’s lair and finally discover his destiny.

It is a shame that such an exciting power (turning back time) can prove to be a weakness for the show as well as a strength. For, as much as Curtis not being in control of it has worked thus far, once the ASBO five started to drop like flies you just knew it was going to happen. Still, this didn’t stop me being taken aback at Kelly’s death – for I forgot Nathan could talk to the dead (and Lauren Socha played the scene very nicely), nor did it prevent my surprise at seeing that the knife had plunged into an invisible Simon’s torso.

Towards the end of this episode I felt incredibly proud that this show is British – I became all sentimental and mushy-like. I really do think this has been a truly brilliant series, and it thoroughly deserves all of the praise and accolades it is sure to receive. Long live Misfits! Next season should be all change – the jumpsuits are back on the rack, their powers are all back in the closet, and we’ll no doubt see a change in scenery. But, it would seem there are plenty more good times to come and what looks to be a fun Christmas special this Sunday (10pm on E4). Can. Not. Wait!

The good



  • Iwan Rheon is just a joy to watch. I know, I know, my mind is clouded by my school-girl crush, but I do genuinely think his performance is spot on. Super Simon is forming before our very eyes I tell you.


  • A nice classic adversary for the Misfits. It all happens rather quickly of course, but we witness a young boy’s dreams of fame and fortune punctured by the harsh reality of old-fashioned school-yard bullying and playing second-fiddle (due to having “the shittest power ever”).
  • The probation worker who sat on his arse “doing nothing for six weeks” manages to mess them up royally by informing the press of their powers.


  • Nikki – unable to control her teleportation wheres and whens – finds herself at the mercy of the Milk Man. This was a neat little trick: they’re exploiting her power well.
  • Simon’s face when Alisha tells him that he is Superhoodie.
  • Simon compares his predicament to The Terminator.

The bad

  • Re-E-Wind. To be fair, they could have done this a lot more than they have, but I was just a teeny-weeny bit disappointed that they did it this week – though obviously glad all my favourite ASBOs are alive and well.


  • My only wish is that in Series 3 we learn more about and so see more of Curtis – and I suppose Nikki too if she is to be a regular. Make this happen Overman, I know you can.

Best line

“How would you feel about blowing your brains out live on national television tomorrow night?” (Laura to Nathan). Let’s face it, ‘Im a Celebrity’ and ‘Big Brother’ are  only a few  small steps away…


Classy, soulful and apt song to go out on – Labi Siffre’s ‘I don’t know what happened to the kids’ – but what really stuck out for me were the original compositions. I need to buy this music as soon as humanly possible.

Rating 4/5

It loses a star for using Curtis’ power but other than that slight flaw this episode was a great “ending” to a brilliant run of episodes. Further gushing to be saved until after the Christmas special.


Alexis Jayne Defoe.

Oh, and go vegan kids – it could save your life. No, really!

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  1. Rawr /

    I agree with the whole review, especially Simon finding out he was super hoodie! Great episode but the lactose intolerant bit did kind of spoil the ending…
    Just one more thing I enjoyed was the part when Kelly told Nathan she had died! I just loved his reaction, I always look out for any scenes they share together, they just fit together so well!

  2. Lewis /

    Hey, i said about last weeks episode track list. The song when simon finds all the bodies, and the phones ringing, if you could help me out brilliant.

    • Alex /

      I’d like to know too. Do tell if anyone finds out the title of the track. Thanks

    • I just listened to it again and I think it was original music. It isn’t on the E4 Misfits playlist and it sounds like it was composed especially for the episode.

  3. Marion /

    Anybody knows the music, when Simon discovered the apartment because he follows Alisha?

  4. Rachel /

    In case no one has found it yet (I’m sure you have haha)

  5. Rossi /

    I have been obsessed with this song since I heard it today watching the episode and went on a crazy search to find it Thanks, Rachel!

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