TV REVIEW: Misfits – Series 3, Episode 1

The highly anticipated third series of Misfits kicked off last night and it’s all change for our favourite young offenders.

*contains spoilers*

Rudy gets a rude awakening in his first few days of community service, learning that with the keys to the infamous locker room comes a great deal of running, screaming and, in some instances, killing.

But that really is the least of his worries. More pressing is just how to keep his secret superpower, well, secret.

Meanwhile the rest of the gang are trying to adapt to life with their new superpowers. But just how did the trade-off with Seth, the superpower dealer, go down?

Could there be anything more delightful than Kelly- “What the f*ck is brunch?”-Bailey becoming a rocket scientist? Not a genius, not a brainiac, an actual rocket scientist. I think not. As for the rest of group’s powers, I am less impressed, but I’m sure the reasons for some of them will become clear as the series progresses. Simon can see a tiny bit into the future, which in practice (at least in this episode) is a bit too similar to being able to rewind time to prevent future catastrophes for my liking. Obviously an ultra-handy power (and plot-device) but I feel we’ve played this scene and find myself underwhelmed.  The newly caring and sensitive Alisha is now able to put herself into other people’s shoes and literally  “see through their eyes”. A little pointless in this episode but again, one can see how it might prove useful/interesting in the episodes to come. Rudy’s “double” is the manifestation of his hyper-sensitive, insecure, emo subconscious, more like an illness than a power, but he does manage to save his own life (though most likely it would not have needed saving if there weren’t two of him in the first place).  Which leaves us with Curtis. I’m actually quite looking forward to seeing what they do with this power, though if there’s a character on Misfits that needs more development it’s Curtis and I fear that with Nathan Stewart-Jarrett now sharing screen-time with ­­actress Kehinde Fadipe this is unlikely to happen. It should, however, provide us with plenty of laughs.

I previously sang Joseph Gilgun’s praises in my  spoiler-free preview, so I’ll just briefly say that I think he’s a wonderful addition to the cast. Rudy’s crude, lewd, and gobby but also very loveable. As much as I liked Robert Sheehan’s Nathan, I think we have so much goodness in store for us that we actually won’t have a chance to miss him.

This episode in particular has got me excited about finding out what the “cool power guy with the suits” (aka, Seth)  is up to and watching the evolution of Simon into Super-Sexy-Future-Simon.

Best line

 “Cos is this like brunch? Cos it feels like I’ve just eaten a bacon sandwich” (Kelly).

 Rating   4/5

 A fine opener showcasing it’s wicked humour, whilst providing a perfect introduction to new character Rudy and setting us up for what looks to be a brilliant series.



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