MODEL REVIEW Poe’s X-Wing Fighter Build and Play Kit

Anticipation for Star Wars The Force Awakens is growing bigger every day and as with all Star Wars films there are a huge range of toys games and of course models. We take a look at one of the items from the Star Wars range at Hawkin’s Bazaar – Poe’s X-Wing Fighter.

Fly as Poe, the brave leader of Black Squadron with his distinctive black and orange T-70 X-Wing fighter. This awesome snap together model kit allows you to build an iconic Star Wars fighter of your own in minutes, without the need for tools, paint or glue. At the end you’re left with a very durable model that’s strong enough to be played with like a toy. The S-foils open up into their iconic X formation, the landing gear is retractable, the canopy opens and the ship itself makes a number of authentic Star Wars sounds.

I have always been impressed with Revell’s level one kits because it is a great way to not only get new young builders into the hobby but at the same time these kits are really sturdy and can be used as toys afterwards.


Check out our video review of Poe’s X-Wing Fighter below but spoiler warning it is really good.

Simple Star Wars model kit
Builds Poe’s black and orange X-Wing fighter
Easy snap together parts (no tools required)
Finished model is durable for play
Features moving parts and sound effects
Batteries included
Approx. 20cm long



Title: Poe’s X-Wing Fighter
Publisher: Revell

You can get the kit from Hawkin’s Bazaar.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Montoya

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