Night of the Demons – dvd review

Starring Edward Furlong, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena

Running time 96 mins

Released on Blu Ray / DVD – 11th October

You’ll be glad to know this review was carried out under strict laboratory conditions.

In order to watch the movie as intended a full three hours was spent knocking back bottles of beer and the movie was put on at about 11pm. Optimal trashy horror movie conditions. And make no mistake, this IS a trashy horror movie.

A remake of the 1988 “classic” horror flick, this movie really embraces its straight to dvd horror roots. And by that I mean the story is daft, the cast is mainly made up of females chosen for their boobs and willingness to get them out and the blood and guts are of the “Ha! That was f*cking cool” variety not the “That looked nasty, I feel sick” type.

The story basically has Shannon Elizabeth’s character throwing a Halloween party in an old haunted house. The police raid, throwing everyone out and locking up the place with seven of the partygoers still inside. Before long one of them is possessed by a demon and this demon plague is then spread throughout the others either by biting or….um… anal sex (see? The Christians TOLD you it was evil!!). There’s some business about how if the demons possess all seven guests by morning they will take over the world, but this is only to put a ticking clock against the proceedings.

The cast are all decent enough at what they are required to do even if its hard to beleive they are really partying teenagers when most of them look in their early 30s. The effects and makeup are as good as you would expect and do have a very cool (if you’re an old school horror fan) semi-retro look to them all. Like I mentioned earlier there is a fair bit of T&A in this film but it does all seem weirdly innocent. As its Halloween the females are all dressed in foxy outfits and there is a brief, silly sex scene but its all done in a way where it feels… I dunno… cheeky? There’s  nothing here to really perv out over or feel weird watching in mixed company anyway. Ok, there is one girl on girl kiss that is kinda hot, but I digress.

Oh, and while we’re talking T&A, for any fans of the original… yes, there is a very quick but cool Linnea Quigley cameo.

So bottom line, would I recommend this? Definately if you are a fan of 90s horror movies and can get your head around the fact you’re not supposed to take it all TOO seriously. As I did though, I would definately recommend this be part of a “beer and vids” session, ideally with a few mates around. I watched this with the wife. For the first half hour or so she was rolling her eyes a lot as I was ticking off the old horror movie cliches, but by the end we were both laughing, eagerly anticipating the next bit of stupid violence and shouting at characters on the screen… exactly what you want from a fun, Friday night horror dvd. I couldn’t say how well this would go down for a more modern audience, but the teenager in me that grew up watching dumb movies like the original was glad he got to see this new version.

Stars out of 5 – 3 (sober)   4 (drunk)

Dry Slaps – None. Yeah, a lot of this movie was cheesy as hell, but it seemed intentional and was half of the fun. Maybe half a slap for Edward Furlong’s weird puffy face.

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