One Man Lord of the Rings- Review & Interview

40 characters. 3 masterworks. 3600 seconds.

One Man to do it all.

Charlie Ross is well known for his One Man Star Wars show which is purportedly hilarious.  This year he brought his One Man Lord of the Rings show to Edinburgh, so how could I not go.

As we filed in we were pleasantly serenaded by the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, which is always nice.  And then it began.  Immediately, the audience was laughing as Charlie’s rendition of the films prologue speech tickled us all.


10m later and we were already halfway through the first book, (although Charlie makes it quite clear that this is the movies (extended versions) not the books.

Charlie tells the story by doing all the characters himself, all the sound effects and humming the score so well that you actually recognise what part of the film you are in.  His physicality is manic, his comic timing is brilliant and his characterisation and voice work is superb. When Gandalf first meets Frodo, it’s like you’re practically watching the film again. His Legolas causes hysterics pretty much every time he’s mentioned.

Although he takes a fair amount of artistic licence with the material, you still find yourself waiting for your favourite lines and you’re not disappointed. The “Fly you fools”, moment was fantastic (as was the whole Mines of Moria sequence). Another of my favourite moments was Boromir’s death which was actually quite moving and then in the next moment superbly undone by Aragon’s last kiss with him.  Yes, he does deal with questions about the relationships of 9 men stuck in the woods together for a year!!!!  Watching this you discover the Olympic dreams of Orcs, and what Elvis had to do with Middle Earth  amongst other things.

This was a great show which got Charlie a standing ovation.  I got the privilege to get an interview with him after the show and I gotta say he was a really nice guy.  But judge for yourselves as here is the interview for your delectation.

Here it is.

One Man LOTR

GS Reporter: Monts

Source: Live from Edinburgh

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