PRODUCT REVIEW: Zombie Tarot Cards

I have around 25 sets of tarot decks. Maybe more – I’ve not counted for a while. When the Geek Syndicate boys asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing the new and upcoming Zombie Tarot cards I couldn’t have been happier. All the things I love in one place: zombies and tarot – what is not to love?

The deck arrived in a neat looking box – see pictures below. The cards are luscious and quite thick, making them bulkier than your usual set of tarot cards – I’ve compared them in size with a bog standard Rider Waite tarot deck seen further below in this review.The box has some great visuals and the booklet that comes with the cards has an old timey feel to it, as do the cards. They are matte, unlike most tarot cards that have a bit of a shine / gloss to them.

The box that houses your cards

Carrying on with the survival theme

I asked Mark if he’d be our guinea pig for the reading and he readily agreed. I’ve not done a reading for some time so we opted for very much a beginners layout – a 3 card spread of PAST / PRESENT / FUTURE as it is easy and not too in depth.

It came out looking like this:

The cards Fate dealt Mark

Past – Two of Wands

Present – Ace of Wands

Future – King of Cups

Each card has its own characteristics – from Mark’s past (two of wands) we can deduce that he recently struggled with decisions, that he stood before a cross-roads and he had to make important choices. This is of course one of the most important cards when it comes to indicating what to do when zombies attacked. In Mark’s case, he looked to his present and found the ace of wands: it represents new creative energy, moving forward into a new cycle, encouraging new endeavours. So Mark’s decisions about stopping and thinking about things too deeply is reflected here. The card suggests that he’s moved on, that he’s doing something else, something new….building that big old fall-out shelter he’s been meaning to build long before most people even knew how to spell zombie apocalypse. The final card, the card that shows his future, gives him the king of cups, shows how Mark has grown as a survivor, showing how his future’s been enriched. He’s learned how to show empathy and he’s become generous with his time and shares his knowledge with others: best ways to take out those pesky zombie critters that keep coming around and the best places to forage for fresh food and not get eaten in the process.

Zombie Tarot deck vs Rider Waite Tarot deck

The Zombie Tarot cards are great – I’d have a deck of this out over Halloween if you’re hosting a party or alternatively, just to have in the house as they look great, with fantastic images. They also feel lovely when you shuffle them – an important consideration when you’re buying cards to play around with. The Zombie Tarot cards can easily be a bit of fun to entertain your mates or it can become a great way to find answers – the concepts portrayed are obviously far-fetched and gory but the basic tenets remain.

On the left, the standard Rider Waite tarot cards and on the right Zombie tarot card

I love the cards and think they look great. I’d have a hard time letting others touch them though – because they are matte, I would worry about how they’d look if others play with them, as I’d be concerned about fingerprints or oil transfers from fingers if your mates are eating chips and dip – but then, that’s just me.

To be fair, I think this deck is a great conversation piece – even if your friends are wary about the occult or tarot in general. The art is superb and off the wall and a bit WTF in places and I find myself shuffling the deck over and over because each card you come across is oh so very different from the previous one. Big amounts of kudos to the designers and creators of the deck – it’s definitely something very different. It’s a great item to buy for yourself or a friend(s) who a) like zombies b) worry about the next move during the coming zombie apocalypse or c) just needs something utterly and completely different in their lives.

Explanations of each card in the booklet

Selection of readings from booklet

Advert from the booklet

The Zombie Tarot deck is published by Quirk  in the UK and is available for online purchase.

Reporter: Liz

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  1. Charlotte Aurora /

    Didn’t shuffle much then, eh? (The Two of Wands follows the Ace of Wands which follows the King of Cups when the deck is sorted in order, like it would have been when you first cracked it open… ) Glad it still gave insight though 🙂

  2. Matt /

    I was just wondering what Rider Waite deck was featured in the review?


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