Review – 100 Months

This review is about a week late, not due to the laziness of the writer this time, but because 100 Months is the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to review.

The book tells the story of Mara, an Earth Goddess intent on bringing about Armageddon. We follow her on her path of vengeance against Longpig, a satanic personification of capitalism and… I don’t really know how to explain it more than that. You see this book is unlike any I have read before. Each page is a full image and has a surreal and vague quality that is almost like a kind of dream or to be more accurate, nightmare. It’s hard to pin it down but, like a dream, while you might struggle to focus on specifics the overall effect has a great impact. And this book, even without knowing the author’s story behind it really does pack a punch.

It’s hard to talk about this book without at least briefly talking about it’s author, John Hicklenton. As you may know, John was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and, with the aid of Dignitas, took his own life in March 2010.

This was his last work, and reading it, knowing HE also knew it would be his final piece really gives extra weight to the messages within the book. The overall feel is that humanity has squandered and abused the gifts the planet has given us… and the planet is pissed. But, maybe with guidance we could be worthy of a second chance.

The messages aside though, the artwork is stunning and you could argue this is primarily an art book more than your traditional graphic novel. Hicklenton has always been a master of the macabre, but the bleak and horrific imagery in this book are absolutely beautiful in their darkness, even for him. It really is a vision of Hell put onto paper and it’s definitely a book you will go back to multiple times to pour over the imagery. The lettering is also very striking, looking deliberate and handwritten. The words matching the images in their anger.

This isn’t a book that will immediately appeal to everyone but those who do venture into it’s bleak landscape will definitely be rewarded for their courage. A true work of disturbingly beautiful art by a man who leaves the world a little less interesting by his passing.


Usually Geek Syndicate reviews end with a “Marks out of five” and “Dry Slaps” rating. In this instance that doesn’t seem applicable. I would however urge everyone to check this book out. Within 5 pages you’ll either love it or hate it…. the kind of extreme reaction I’m sure Mr Hicklenton would appreciate.


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