Review – Amazing Spider-Man #640

Amazing Spider-Man #640 O.M.I.T part 3

Amazing Spider-Man #640 O.M.I.T part 3

COVER BY: Paolo Rivera
WRITER: Joe Quesada
PENCILS: Joe Quesada + Paolo Rivera

This is the story of what happened after the deal with Mephisto was made to save Aunt May’s life and to re-hide Peter true identity. this is the altered timeline told through a flash back as Peter and MJ discuss everything in the present day.

Last issue we found out that Aunt may didn’t die because Peter wouldn’t give up on her after all the doctors had, So Peter has managed to bring Aunt May back from the brink of death! This displeases the Kingpin in his cell on Ryker’s as he wanted her dead to punish Peter for all the trouble he has caused over the years and for the beating Peter gave him during One More Day. so he sends a hit-man to make Peter suffer by targeting a list of Peters nearest and dearest….


The hit-man goes after MJ’s Aunt Anna but is foiled by MJ. The Hitman then chases MJ around the neighbourhood, meanwhile Peter has realised something is wrong and after enlisting the help of a fan to take care of Aunt May he webs his way to Forest Hills to save MJ.

He makes it just in the nick of time but MJ has been knocked unconscious. Peter decideds that the world knowing his identity is far too dangerous so he takes MJ to see Dr Strange.

Doctor Strange is reluctant to help Peter but says he must go for a while and when he comes back he will give peter his answer. we then see Dr Strange in astral form talking to Reed Richards and Tony Stark. Strange tells them both that what has happened to peter is mostly their fault and that they should help him…..  The next issue Teaser is “Tony Stark, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange and the secret that changes Peter and Mary Jane FOREVER.

**End of Spoilers**

The Good Stuff!

First off you need to know i liked One More Day and i have been happy with 90% of the issues since the deal was made. i liked trying to figure out exactly what happened to the world to make everyone forget and slowly we are getting those answers. Joe Quesada is a better artist then a writer but this issue makes sense and is well written. He is explaining everything he needs to explain (but there is plenty left to explain), i am happy so far with the reveals of the whole arc and with the reveal in this book of who peter turns to for help.

The Art is nice. The Quesada (plus some help) pages are of course BEAUTIFUL, i don’t know why anyone is complaining about the way he draws MJ as i like it a lot. The Paolo Rivera Pages are nice too, they are not award winners, but they do the job and definitely don’t distract from the story.

The Bad Stuff

This is more a criticism of the Arc as a whole but we still haven’t had any indication of why peter is back to using his mechanical web shooters, Quesada did say that everything we have read in the comics over the year happened, so that means peter DID encounter “The Queen” in Spectacular Spider-Man a few years back and DID get organic Web shooters! Also it means “The Other” storyline DID happen and Peter DID recieve his enhanced powers. This might all be explained in the next issue (Fingers Crossed)


This one scores 4 stars out of 5, If you were upset by the changes to Spider-Man 3 years ago then this book is just going to be salt in the wound, but if you can get past that and just read this as a Spider-Man story and a part of Peter and MJ’s life then it is a solid issue of Amazing. I recommend you pick this up along with the last 2 issues!

GS Reporter: Matt

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    I love this series and the last issue was great. Can’t get enough really. Hope they keep coming.

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