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Deus Ex The Fall
Deus Ex: The Fall has recently been released on iOS.  Here at Geek Syndicate we take a look and give you the low-down on whether this game is worth spending your cash on – Read on to find out.

So I’ve had Deus Ex: The Fall for a few days now and played through the campaign and I’ve got to say I’ve been impressed. This is a game that is difficult to put down once started. The graphics look pretty amazing (see the screenshots below) for an iOS game and the music used is great too. As a PC and console gamer my early concerns with not using a controller or keyboard/mouse to move around and using the touch screen interface were soon put to rest. The development team has clearly thought a great deal about the user interface and pulled this aspect off very well – don’t get me wrong it isn’t perfect. There were a number of times when starting out I found myself getting frustrated with the controls as they aren’t always intuitive and the combat isn’t the best I’ve ever played. However that’s a minor gripe.

The story through-out is entertaining, you play as augmented ex-mercenary Ben Saxon, who is on a mission to uncover the truth behind the shortage of the essential drug Neuroprozine.  The plot kept me hanging on right through to the end, and with the capability to play through it again but to try and predominately use stealth I can see this being a game I’ll be playing for some time to come.

Deus Ex: The Fall doesn’t feel like a game Eidos have just thrown out there to earn a bit of cash. I’ve played full PC games that have had less play time than this (a good five hours of solid entertainment) and at £4.99 you can’t really complain.

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Rating: 4/5
Reporter: JMS1701

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  1. The last Deus Ex game on the home consoles (Human revloution) was a fantastic game and one of the best this generation. I was kind of hoping for a new full fledged console release to round this console generation off but the fall also looks pretty good.

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