Review: Personalise your Sonic Screwdriver Set

Manufacturer: Character Options
RRP: £24.99

Character Options have released a number of Sonic Screwdrivers since 2005, including those modern and new in the television series. This set features three set designs, which can be customised to produce a unique tool. Does the concept work? …

Including the central battery compartment, the set comes with twelve components. There are three designs that come “out of the box” as it were and these are represented in the way the kit is packaged. Along with the battery tube, three components can be used to make a version of the Eleventh Doctor’s screwdriver the other eight form two new designs.

Sonic Screwdriver Set

Sonic Screwdriver Set

My initial concern when presented with the pack by my loving, better half was that the customisability of the tool would mean that a finished combination would be weak and not able to withstand any semi-serious use. Being as I’m a big kid – it would receive a battering. My fears were ill-founded, however as the components lock into place with a resounding solidarity and a finished screwdriver can be whipped out, tossed, knocked into things and waved manically with no fear of coming apart. All in the name of research, obviously. Ahem.

The components themselves are nicely detailed and offer some unique looking devices to be created. Additionally, mixing and matching the designs does not make a new combination appear “hodge-podge”. The components seem to have natural breaking features that allow the parts to blend together nicely.

I have two down-points to report. One is that the inclusion of the Eleventh Doctor’s version seems redundant and a missed-opportunity. The other two designs are both unique and quite cool, so it would have been nice to see a third such device here. Especially being as other versions of the “official” screwdriver are available and the one in this set does not have the “flick-out claws” at the end. The second is that the inclusion of only one battery section means that there are a lot of left-over bits to store once you’ve chosen a design!

For the price, I think this is a fine addition to anyone’s collection of either Doctor Who merchandise or Geek merchandise in general.

Rate It: 4 / 5.
Dry Slaps: 1 – For the missed opportunity with the third design.
Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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