Review – The Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet #1


This is the All Ages retelling of the classic Infinity Gauntlet story. They have removed the need to read all the back story in all the different marvel books of the time and have made it very self contained and easy to pick up and read.

Thanos has gotten his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet complete with the Gems and is going to rearrange the universe.

Meanwhile the a team of Avengers (Cap, Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Thor ) are fighting a android that mimics the powers of superheroes. a well meaning Spider-Man tries to lend a hand and is rudely told to clear off. Just then the Team of avengers vanish into thin air! leaving Spider-Man to face the super powered robot all by himself…..


Wolverine luckily comes to the aid of Spider-Man and make short work of the Android. We see flashes of from over the marvel universe of heroes and villains disappearing into nothingness!

Later at the Baxter building Sue Storm has brought together the remaining heroes to figure out what is happening, with Reed gone she has taken charge. about 50% of the Earth’s population has disappeared, She puts together a team of Heroes to travel to the epicentre of a massive energy wave that passed over earth at the precise moment the 3 billion people disappeared. the team comprises of Ms Marvel as she has leadership experiance and has traveled through space, Spider-Man because of his scientific knowledge, Hulk because things need to be punched and Wolverine because he might as well be.

Just as this newly formed team of Avengers has come together Dr Doom makes a wall smashing entrance, after making short work of the Heroes he gives them a choice, Let him join the team of he will take over the world using the weaked Heroes to his advantage.

The team then gets it’s transportation in the form of a big rig from space…..

**End of Spoilers**

The Good Stuff!

This is without doubt a All Ages book which is great as getting kids to read comics is a great thing. the writing is solid enough, it never gets complicated and everything is explained. Brian Clevinger does a great job of boiling down the original story to it’s basic elements, he doesn’t get bogged down in Avengers history or the complicated past of Thanos and at no point did I feel I was missing part of the story.

The Humour is Fantastic!! especially Spider-Man’s one liners! there are a few laugh out loud moments between him a Wolverine.

The art is nice and simple. anyone could pick this book up and follow the story.

The Bad Stuff

I have 2 problems with the book, one with the writing and one with the art

First off at points in the story i felt as if i was getting spoken down too. The explanation of Dr Dooms entrance is a example of this. I do understand that this is a all ages book so it has to be readable by Kids and because of this i can over look it.

Secondly, my issue with the art is that Wolverine was way too tall. in a few panels he was shown as being about a foot taller the Spider-man and Sue Storm. Also I don’t like the way he is drawn, all the other characters are shown to be in proportion but wolverine is shown to be massively muscular.


This one scores 3.5 stars out of 5, it’s a good start to the Mini Series and I will definitely be buying the last 3 issues and after i have read them they will be sealed away and in a few years when i have kids they will get taken out and read to them. i think these would make a great tool to bring small kids into the world of Marvel.

GS Reporter: Matt

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