Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy XBox 360 Game Review

First off I should say that the fighting in this game can get repetitive. As someone who loves kicking pixelated ass repetition in a fighting game doesn’t really bother me, in fact I almost expect it (Ah yes Golden Axe…happy carefree gaming days). Now, If you hate this kind of repetitive beat em up then look away. However, if you like smacking people in the face and looking cool while doing it that then this may be the game for you.

"Mate if you've seen my three movies you know this isn't going to end well for you."

Mate if you've seen my three movies you know this isn't going to end well for you.

In the game you play as the world’s deadliest amnesiac, Jason Borne. A man with an array of martial art skills to nearly outshine Chuck Norris ( come on no one roundhouse kicks like Chuck). One of the huge plus points of the game is that it follows the plot of the first movie and sticks to it pretty damn well. The story is revealed through some pretty tasty cut scenes.

The game also fills in some of the blanks from the first movie, such as allowing you to take on his final mission which led to him ending up in the ocean at the start of the movie. There are also several stages which are actually flashbacks as pieces of Jason’s memory come back to him.

Feel the wrath of the takedown button faceless badguy 467!

Feel the wrath of the takedown button faceless badguy 467!

The fighting in the game is handled well and you get a real sense that you are the baddest mofo in the room. One of my personal faves sections comes when you’ve given an enemy a sufficient enough kicking to earn what the game calls a ‘takedown move’. Hitting the correct button will reward you with what I like to call a “wow that’s going to leave a mark” moment. In these moments the game shifts to a cut scene where Jason takes out his opponent (in some cases more than one) in the most painful way possible. This can also be used in the shooting section but is no way as fun. Although, after a while, the takedown animations start to repeat themselves it never got old for me.

Stop moving..for the love of all that his holy please stop moving.

Stop moving...for the love of all that his holy please stop moving.

What did get old, pretty fast, was the aiming functionality in the game. For a guy who could supposedly shoot the bow tie off Bond his shooting skills in the game are rubbish. The movement is jerky (though you can tweak the sensitivity of your aiming controls) and there was no real finesse to the cover system when compared to other 3rd person shooters out at the moment. When you take a guy out with a head shot it feels like you got lucky rather than your typical day at the office for the world’s baddest assassin. In one particular scene involving a shootout with an APC my 360 nearly ended up drenched in tea and the jagged remnants of my Yoda mug. With games like Rainbow Six , Gears of War and Drake’s Fortune there’s no excuse for a bad cover/aiming system.

The Mini vs Paris *spolier* the mini wins

The Mini vs Paris *spolier* the mini wins.

Oh and the driving section was a bit rubbish. Obviously that mini you’re driving was made by the same company who made the Knight Industries 2000 as it was pretty much indestructible. However the same could not be said for Paris once I was through with it.

The crazy thing is, given all of it’s flaws, I really enjoyed playing this game and I kept coming back for that trademark ‘One more go’. I don’t know, maybe it was because the game was a loan from a mate or maybe I was just having way too much fun smacking terrorists heads against the wall (does that make me a bad person?). Perhaps if I had paid full price for this game I might have felt differently but I doubt it.

If they decide to do a follow up game and sorted out the cover/aiming system and beefed up the sound effects on some of the weapons (Automatic weapons I’m looking at you) then that would be one awesome game.

Overall I had loads of fun with this game. I can’t overlook the flaws I found with it but I did overcome them as the fun factor here was high. If you can do the same and like beat em ups then I’d say this game is worth a look see. Have a go at the demo at least and see what you thinking as it gives you a good idea what the game is about.

Who says smacking people in the face can't be fun?

Who says smacking people in the face can't be fun?

Rate it: 3.5/5 I’d probably rate it lower but I had some much fun playing it.

Dry Slaps: 3 sorry but the cover/ aiming system really turned me off a lot of this game, especially as with a few simple tweaks could have really made it something special.

Reviewer: The Nuge

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