Heroes Season 3, Episode 8: Villains

This review contains minor spoilers

This review contains minor spoilers

I don’t know if I’m comfortable with all this cute retconning of Heroes history. This episode takes place primarily in the past, in the days before all the important characters ever learned of their abilities or of t6he existence of people with abilities. This episode s called “Villains” because all of Heroes’ ne’r-do-wells get their time in the sun. The most important of the flashbacks revolves around the Petrellis, and what circumstances put Arthur on life support.

It is no surprise that Arthur was still a scheming, evil man in the past. He and Linderman were buddies, and Arthur’s son Nathan wants to put an end to Linderman’s corruptible influence. Despite being a pain, Arthur still sees Nathan as his favorite, and is disappointed in Peter’s life achievements at this point. It was somewhat interesting to see the family together before a series of events put them on opposing sides. On the other hand, I found the way that Arthur ended up in a coma to not work for me. I am sure that the explanation of his death was different in season one than it was here.

The other stories include Merideth, Claire’s birth mother, and her brother, the pyrokinetic Flint Gordon. The revelation that Flint and Merideth are brother and sister was totally unexpected. I guess it makes sense since both siblings can control flames. I don’t want everyone to be related, because enough characters are already related by blood. I don’t think I even needed Claire and Nathan Petrelli to be related, because there hasn’t been much payoff to that relationship. I like Merideth though, and I’m happy they brought her back for season three. So Merideth and her bro were a thieving duo who have run afoul of The Company a few times. During one robbery, they run into Company man Thompson (Eric Roberts).  Thompson offers Merideth a shot at using her talents as a Company member, but Merideth finds it hard to trust this mysterious group who have been chasing her.

The third flashback involves Sylar, right at the point after he kills his first victim. It turns out that he and Elle met before, and she is actually responsible for turning this confused man into the monster we knew him as in season three. I had a big problem with these newly established set of facts. So we are to believe that Sylar was going to eliminate his own evil from the world, but it is not completely his fault that he cuts open people’s heads to look at their gray matter? That puts a really, really bad taste in my mouth. It’s also ridiculous that Elle has also been watered down. When she debuted in season two, she was a bad, bad girl. She killed with little care, but in her recent past, she had these mixed emotions on being a Company woman. Why did it have to be this way? Sylar can become a hero, sure, but I will not accept that he was just deeply misunderstood. Sylar’s a bloodthirsty monster, and that’s why he was so interesting in the first place.

Rate it: 3

I think this gets a weak score because I would rather go forward in time, instead of back in the past. This is an episode that I did not really need to watch.

Dry Slaps: 2

One slap for the retconning. I don’t think that an “everything is connected” flashback was necessary. The other Dry slap goes to the whole premise of this episode. How, eaxactly, does this look at the past of these villains help Hiro defeat them? Maybe I missed it, but what weaknesses were exposed? Despite the shocking death at the end of the episode, “Villains” was my least favorite episode so far. It didn’t pay off what I assumed I would see.

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    Really? That’s so funny, because I loved the whole weaving thing! That was back in the day when I was still 100% optimistic about Heroes: http://saharsblog.wordpress.com/2008/11/12/review-heroes-season-3-episode-8/. I am afraid that I’m a little less so now! http://saharsblog.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/review-heroes-season-3-episode-11/

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