[Spooks] Series 09 – Episode 03 Review

Spooks Season 09

Spooks Season 09

What’s It About?

A rogue ex-soviet is on UK soil searching for the last sample of a deadly nerve agent. While Lucas’ personal life ramps up, the team must work with an FSB agent to locate this latest threat to national security. …

Review It

A joint operation with the Russian FSB highlights kicks off this evening’s events and moves the action away from middle-eastern threats into an echo of the Cold War. What’s quite neat is the subtle reminder that the UK is not what it used to be in terms of international power. The Home Secretary is clearly bowing down to pressures from over-seas – in this case Moskow in their dealing with the Azakstani Freedom Front (the fictional organisation presenting the threat).

The plot moves along at it’s usual tense pace and there are some nice set-pieces. The music in the sequence in the Underground particularly helped to sell the tone. This scene, while enjoyable, did have me slightly suspending my disbelief. The speed and calmness with which commuters leave a tube-platform after an individual’s cry of “security services – clear the platform” seemed a little at odds with my own observations about London commuters! Oddities like this aside, the plot maintains it’s usual level of “what if?” believability and the cast (regular and supporting both) are on form as usual.

This episode is certainly not for the faint hearted, containing one of Spooks’ trade-mark shock scenes. During this sequence, I found myself genuinely on edge – and more so once the villain of the piece had left the room. The events reminded me very much of the famous scene from the second or third ever episode of Spooks – where a Section D employee is brutally killed. While not quite so shocking to a hardened audience, the sequence of events is still rather harrowing and the subsequent actions by MI-5’s staff shows the cool-professionalism that I personally hope is reflective of our security service.

One thing that’s starting to niggle at me is Section D’s involvement in missions outside of UK borders. To my knowledge, any matter of security outside of the British Isles is the territory of MI-6, not 5. I’d like to see a reversion to the early series’ friendly competition between the sister services, maybe bringing in a supporting character from MI-6 who would act as the section’s usual liaison / overseas operative.

Rate It: 4.5 / 5.

Dry Slaps: 1.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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