[Spooks] Series 09 – Episode 02 Review

Spooks Season 09

Spooks Season 09

What’s It About?

An ambush in a lift on Beth’s first Section D assignment triggers an investigation into a meeting of Oil Magnates. Beth’s mercenary past comes to haunt her and Lucas revisits his past. A past that thought him dead. …

Review It

An intriguing corporate plot is the centre of this week’s threat of the moment, centred on the oil industry. A threat to a British oil baron, whose base of operations is in Nigeria is the catalyst and the pressure from the government to tread carefully around the case hints at the real world importance of the industry to the government.

The sub-plot regarding Lucas’ past is interwoven through the episode and Beth isn’t immune to having her past dragged up either – caught up in what seemed to be an attempt on the potential Assassin. An attack that killed several innocent civilians.

Harry and Ruth’s stalled relationship also provides diversion from the main plot. I’ve always been a fan of those two characters, and it’s a testament to the performances that much of what’s being said is in fact not said.

Excellent use of the trademark Spooks multi-framed scenes is made this episode during a quite tasty little espionage scene in a “highly secure” private home. Lucas and new boy Dimitry are involved in this scene – both coming over as being completely confident in their own abilities and those of their colleague. This scene really had me in that “spy zone” that I sometimes get into during particularly cool spy sequences in TV, films and games. While not action-packed, this scene is so neatly executed that I couldn’t help but let out a little mental “yeah!”

Part of the episode’s story is divided into three parts – one part focussed on Lucas and the second on Beth and the third on the enigmatic Chapman. This is a first for Spooks, borrowing concepts more from a Tarantino movie or an episode of Steven Moffat’s Coupling. Personally I prefer the more linear approach, but the technique works for this episode.

While loyalties are called into question, it’s unfortunately a cliché that resolves them. Beth’s mercenary past almost leads to her being dismissed, but ultimately she comes good and proves herself. What’s nice in this is that it’s Lucas who sees her worth rather than the boss-man. Spooks writers are consistently solid and even manage to provide twists to such clichés.

Another solid episode – 9 years in and this series still keeps me on my toes.

Rate It: 4 / 5.

Dry Slaps: 0.5 for the easy to predict cliché.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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