DVD REVIEW: SPOOKS Series 10 Box Set

Spooks Series 10

Format: DVD
Discs: 3
Retail Price: £29.99

Kudos’ long running Spy series came to an end earlier this year and the box set of this tenth and final series was released this week. This review looks briefly at the series as a whole, together with the extras contained on the discs.

The Series:

Series 10 consisted of six episodes – the shortest since the first series. While a few more episodes of this, one of my favourite TV shows would have been great, I can’t help but think that the return to six episodes helped keep the plot tighter than would have been the case otherwise. The arc of the series is very tight, with no “filler” episodes getting in the way of the principle story.

The acting, as expected by now, is superb throughout and in one sense it’s a shame we’re not given more time to get to know the new girl Erin and last series’ second man Dmitri more. Both characters are superbly cast, as are the other primary and secondary characters throughout.

The writing this year is solid and I think it’s a testment that the personal arc presented manages to hold the interest throughout the six episodes.

This is the one time where I hoped for a happy ending to a series. And it didn’t happen. Although that was the case, I think that the conclusion was somehow fitting.

The Extras:

Commentaries (Episodes 1 and 6) – I was a bit dissapointed to find that the commentaries are only found on two episodes – though the right two at that. Insightful, the commentries provide a good insight into the writing thought processes of these two key episodes of the season. Together with Producer and Director, they are an interesting listen. That said, I would have really liked to get some of the actors’ thoughts – particularly Peter Firth who has been a consistently strong constant throughout the show’s run.

Top 10 Moments – The cast and crew of the ten years of Spooks voted for their favourite moments from the show’s run and discuss these. The ten chosen were indeed top calls, though I’d probably re-order them myself. I’ll not spoil the moments that are presented, but suffice it to say there’s plenty of Drama and memories involved.

Harry’s Game – A look back at Harry Pierce’s history as presented this series. It’s easy to forget that really, Harry was a secondary character when the show began – basically just there to hand out the missions. It’s a tribute to Peter Firth that the character became so prominent that this final series focusses on him. Though looking briefly at the character as a whole, the documentary is really a look back at series 10. I was expecting a more complete look at the character from the last decade, but even so, we get a look at the cast and crew’s own takes on Harry this year.

Rating: 4/5. A must buy for the Spooks completist, though at £5 an episode it may seem a tad pricey.
Dry Slaps: 1 – More commentaries and extras would be good.
GS Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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