Spooks Series 9: Episode 05 Review

Spooks Season 09

Spooks Season 09


What’s It About?
This week, the team are tasked with protecting the American President who is on British soil to negotiate peace talks between Israel and Palestine in secret. Beth and Dimitri are placed on close protection as an immediate threat is revealed …

Review It

Clandestine peace talks are the core of this tale, with the good old “leader of the free world” on hand to try and begin brokering a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. While the subterfuge behind the actual talks may seem excessive – three six hour windows where the President will potentially go and head up talks at the designated hotel including a faked visit to the queen, it’s all consistent with the Spooks universe. Both Beth and Dimitri are placed undercover as liaisons for the two sides, which gives them a chance to flex their spy muscles without Lucas looking over their shoulders. A chance that seems wasted as both are somewhat sidelined by the role. Perhaps a more realistic but less dramatic use of two security agents.

It’s interesting to note how the office tension mounts when a threat to the US President is made. In many ways, previous threats have been greater – in terms of the damage but it seems that the death of one man may cause more fallout for MI-5. Lucas in particular has a couple of snappish moments and even Harry is ruffled by the President’s insistence of going ahead despite the threat to his life.

It’s perhaps disappointing to see Beth once again taken prisoner. For such a strong character, she certainly seems to get the brunt of being tied up and knocked down. Still, she gets the chance to show great ingenuity in her escape from the potential Assassin.

Sound design this week is particularly strong – the incidental music and effects add to the tension nicely and the direction is back on form after the over-worked camera effects from last week. One down point was the predictability of the final revelation in the main plot. Not the method or means per say, but the person behind the plot and even their motivations. Neither were difficult to spot.

What was interesting was the final “Lucas’ past” moment – now that I did not see coming!

For me, this was another fine installment of a top quality show. I’d still like to see more of Dimitri and Beth at the forefront. Both characters and their actors have a great deal of potential. It is tough though, as I also really like Richard Armitage and the character he’s playing in this series.

Rate It: 4 / 5.

Dry Slaps: 0.5 for a predictable reveal.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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