Spooks Series 9: Episode 06 Review

Spooks Season 09

Spooks Season 09


What’s It About?
After an American drone is hacked through a British Portal in Afghanistan and turned on its base, the CIA liaison in London is instructed to install the US’s new security system in MI-5 as a prelude to rolling it out across the UK Intelligence / Military networks. But Section D itself may be compromised. It’s up to Lucas to deliver the installation codes and their holder, but he seems to have his own agenda …

Review It

I like the hook that forms the centre of this episode – probably due to being a geek watching a drama that centred around cyber-terrorism. The three strands here: Section D’s troubles with their systems being compromised, Lucas’ mission to collect the US’s cryptographer and his personal troubles run in parallel and come together this week. Watching Lucas slowly lose control of his life was a guilty pleasure. I really like the character and think Armitage manages to present an undertone of menace that keeps the viewer on edge, never quite sure to what lengths he’ll go to to keep his secrets and get the girl. Lengths that are somewhat revealed this week.

It was also a joy to see Malcolm back on the screen – and to see that he’s quite canny for a tech guy, something I never really had any doubts about. Colin Salmon returns as Beecher, the head of the CIA in London with a clear disregard for the UK and its operatives. Fiona Glascott makes an interesting appearance as the US’s chief cryptographer – and not too much of an issue is made of her not fitting the expected mould for such an individual. Lucas evidences a mild surprise that is swiftly brushed aside. Those two characters spend quite a lot of time shut in a car talking, building somewhat of a raport – though it’s clear that Ortiz (Glascott’s character) is wary of “James Bond” from the get-go.

A further guest appearance is made within the offices of Section D, in the form of Tariq’s Archos 5 Internet Tablet that he smuggled onto the grid to help with the problem there. I own an Archos 5, so it’s always good to see Apple’s products being sidelined! Speaking of the guys on the Grid – their efforts to communicate without communicating once they realised they’d been compromised was amusing. What stood out as a sore point for me though was the manner in which they were discovered by the force who were listening and watching. The moment itself was fine – Tariq dropped a bunch of files containing the Archos … but the enemy did not see that – they saw Tariq’s eyes flick to a camera for half a second and realised they’d been compromised… Not the most believable of moments for me.

The conclusion to that story element was brilliantly executed, however – as the team get out of the Locked-Down grid and turn the tables on their foe. Really satisfying, I thought. As was the moment that Lucas realised something was wrong himself… though his final actions in this scene reveal much about his state-of-mind as he tries to keep his new life on the rails.

Overall a satisfying episode and one that is the turning point for Lucas. From now on, it seems his actions will be well and truly under the spotlight. I’m a bit nervous that this will be Armitage’s last season, though I’d like to see more of him personally.

Rate It: 4 / 5.

Dry Slaps: 0.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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