BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deception

Star Wars Deceived Cover

Star Wars Deceived Cover

Author: Paul S Kemp
Publisher: Titan Books
RRP: Hardback: £17.99

The second novel set around the time of Bioware’s forthcoming (and highly anticipated) Massively Multiplayer game, The Old Republic centres around one of the characters from the awesome “Deceived” trailer. If you’ve not seen that trailer – go watch it. I’ll wait here.

Back? Want to know more about that Sith chap and his lavender skinned Twi’Lek buddy? That’s the promise of this novel. The book follows three characters; Darth Malgus (from the trailer), Jedi Knight Aryn Leneer and ex-soldier turned smuggler, Zeerid Korr. Early in the novel, we get a blow-by-blow account of the sacking of the Jedi temple seen in the trailer which Kemp manages to bring to life on the page to good effect. The action in the novel somewhat peters out after this until the latter portion of the book although at no point did the text become a chore to read as a result of the more personal stories that were taking place.

Aryn’s story focusses around her desire to learn how her Master died (he’s the Jedi fighting Malgus in the trailer) and her journey along the edges of the dark side as she seeks revenge. Zeerid’s tale is that of a man trying to help his crippled daughter finding himself in bad situation after bad situation and Malgus … Malgus has a different view of the Force and the Galaxy to his fellow Sith. And a weakness he wasn’t aware of. Each of the characters, and those who appear only briefly are fleshed out enough to get a feel for them and for sympathy to develop even with the evil Malgus. In fact, I was surprised how his personal journey (and particularly it’s conclusion) made compelling reading as it could easily have been bland and cliched.

I found this to be an easy read and it falls firmly onto the enjoyable – edging on excellent spectrum of the Star Wars expanded universe. The book will soon be released in paperback and would make an excellent gift for anyone interested in the Star Wars galaxy, or the game on which it is based.

Rate It: 3.75 / 5
Dry Slaps: 0
GS Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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