Summer of Indie-Comic Review: Both Sides

Both Sides by Jack Davies, Lee Grice and Matthew Craig looks at good and evil in two different time zones: one in the present with a typical teenager, the other in the iron age. The Ballad of Billy No-Mates follows a young teenager who gains superpowers. He has nothing to lose. Can a group of superheroes called the Bostin Heroes stop him from havoc? In Brom of the Cornovll, a blacksmith becomes a local legend as he village is attacked.

The story is refreshingly British, providing realistic dialogue for the characters. The script is smart and funny making you want to find out more about the characters. This is an important thing to get right and the creative team succeed here. The script has a lot of nice little touches that make it different enough for you to want to read it again. Yet one of its strengths may also be its downfall. In The Ballad of Billy No-Mates, with so much good dialogue some pages feel cluttered, not letting the art do the talking. Thankfully this is not the case in Brom of the Cornovll.

The layout of the stories works well, showing that the creative team are budding story tellers. An essential skill to have in the medium. The beats of the comic are perfected well, making you want to turn the page for the next part of the story.

Personally, I preferred the modern story but this is possibly more due to my own preferences than anything else. I am not usually a fan of anything that goes back past the Victorian age and therefore the creative team had an uphill battle with me from the get go. If you are like me, you will find that Craig’s writing is good enough even to keep a sceptic interested for the entire story and this he should be credited for.

Both Sides is an enjoyable comic that for £1.50 is definitely worth picking up. It has a strong script followed by strong artwork that will keep you entertained.

GS Rating: 3 and a half our of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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