Summer of Indie-Comic Review: Facebook: The Comic Book

Facebook: The Comic Book is a collection of short comic stories on the famed social networking site by talented writer/artist Paul Stapleton. The collection is available to buy from the amazon kindle site.

Stapleton brilliantly provides a social commentary on the whole Facebook phenomenon. The artwork will not blow you away but it does not need to: the content does a good enough job to let the drawings have life and speak for themselves. The first story takes you to a position that we have all been in at some point: should I just delete my Facebook profile? This is a brilliant put together short that illustrates the thoughts that go through your mind and how Facebook has changed the way we look at life. Stapleton shows the cleverly the absurdities that go hand in hand with a social networking site. For example what it would be like to become a ‘friend’ with someone you have not seen since your childhood in the real world. What it would really be like to write on someone’s wall and all the other little things that are common practice in the Facebook world. Stapleton lovingly mocks them with style.

This collection of short stories properly made me laugh out loud or I suppose the right term would be LOL as we are talking about Facebook. One problem I do worry about is the price however. For a collection of comic books it is very reasonable yet it is quite expensive for a kindle ebook but at the same time it is worth every penny of it.

Stapleton with Facebook: The Comic Book has created a thoroughly enjoyable social commentary on the social networking craze and the ways in which it has changed our lives. It is fast paced and enjoyable and worth checking out.

GS Rating: 4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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