Summer of Indie-Comic Review: Sgt Mike Battle Issue 16

Sgt Mike Battle is the staple of the British small press superhero scene. Written and drawn by Graham Pearce, a spoof spy story with many interesting depictions of characters sees Sgt Mike saving the world in some of the funniest ways imaginable. In the latest issue, Sgt Mike tell us how he single handily won the war and expertly mocks The King’s Speech.

It is often a difficult thing to make a successful parody. They can lack the humour that is needed to make them successful. Thankful Sgt Mike Battle does not suffer from this, providing a thoroughly entertaining and funny comic book.

One of the things that makes this so funny is that Pearce has clearly examined the kind of things that went on in the early Golden Age comic books. He then has lovingly mocked them in away that any self respecting comic book fan has wanted to see for a long time.

Pearce brilliantly takes Captain America and makes many parodies of him. For example, Captain France has garlic for a belt and a particularly dodgy moustache. Even more amusing is Kommander Deutschland who is Adolf’s secret weapon.

Further, it would be expected that in a parody book that there would be one or two gags per page but instead Pearce throws one in almost every panel, providing great bang for your buck. Pearce manages to make some brilliant visuals that will make you laugh on their own. The stand out moment of issue 16 would have to be Mike’s meeting with Hitler.

It is also the little things that make Sgt Mike such a joy to read. For example the continuing link back to Pearce’s unreleased masterpiece Watchblood (it has a smiley face if you know what I’m talking about) is hilarious, providing reasons after reasons as to why it has never been released.

For £1.50, Sgt Mike Battle is a steal, worth every penny. The book is half the price of a mainstream comic book and twice as funny. Definitely worth picking up.

GS Rating: 4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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  1. Mu favourite small press series

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