Summer of Indie – Comic Review: The Price

The Price from 215ink  is a one shot horror comic set on a lonely road on one of those American highways that just seem so perfect for supernatural hijinks.

When Erin gets lost on one such road on the way to a meeting, her first encounter with people at a strange diner should tell her that all is not at as it seems. Back on the road she encounters drifting spirits, a dodgy sheriff and an overly helpful truck driver, all who push her towards a destiny she didn’t know she had.

Visually this comic is stunning.  It borrows more than a little from the styling of Ben Templesmith and there is no way artist Allen Bryns is going to be able to escape that comparison. Whereas in Templesmith’s earlier work I was sometimes unable to tell who was who from time to time, there is no such visual ambiguity in Bryns work.  Some of the 3D elements in the artwork (which can be percieved as flaws  or artisitic creativity depending on your perspective) really round the art of nicely making for a very pretty and atmospheric journey

Glenn Arseneau’s writing is suitably complimentary to the art, with a nice, if slightly familiar, depth of characterisation.  The story gripped me all the way through and had some sound plotting; although as with a lot of stories of this ilk I had to read this through twice to make sure I understood the ending, whether this was a problem with the writing or my own cognitive skills I really couldn’t say.  Either way I’m glad I read this, it is not a waste of money and I look forward to further offerings from this team.

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Source: 215ink

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review guys!

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