Summer of Indie: Game Review – Star Ninja

Star Ninja Bounce is an indie game that is available for download on the indie game section of XBLA and on the Window’s phone marketplace in which you play a Ninja who must bounce his stars around the level and off objects in order to take out all the pirates. You are awarded points for how fast or how may stars you have left depending on the game mode.

The game has an interesting mechanic and can be fun at times but unfortunately the novelty soon wears off and boredom sets in. The art style, which consists of 3D characters on the same four backgrounds, is sparse and a little plain. There are four different game modes which each has the same fifty levels and a small change to the way that you score points but you quickly get bored because you can’t be bothered to play though the same levels again and again, and by the second mode the game has now lost all challenge due to the fact that you know exactly how to beat the level. The music and  repetitive dialogue did not work for  the most part and led me to play most of the game on mute. The music was also prone to cut out prematurely at the end of some of the levels which I’m guessing is something that could be sorted in updates.

Ultimately Star Ninja Bounce has a lack of innovation which I found disappointing as that is what most indie games thrive on. A game with a few bugs can be forgiven if the  innovation is present in the game play. I would give this one a miss and spend your money on some of the thousand other great indie games that are available to buy.

GS Reporter: Jack Edge

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