Supernatural Episode 8 & 9: “Time for a Wedding” and “How to Win Friends & Influence Monsters”

The Winchesters are back in another double episode – a surprise wedding, a road trip quest and the Leviathans plans revealed with a shocking cliffhanger in this week’s episodes!

Time for a Wedding

The episode opens with Dean opening up to a waitress on “Vegas Week” with typical Dean charm.  He bemoans that Sam has gone off into the desert for a solo trip when he get a txt asking him to meet up fast.  Dean rushes off to the meeting place – a church.  He walks through the building as a light flickers and pulls a gun – he is ready.  He storms in to find Sam…suited and booted, calm and pleased to see him.  Sam is getting married and while Deans attempts to process this information we see the bride and as she walks down the aisle Sam beams and Dean looks confused.  The bride is revealed – it’s über fan Becky! End scene with credits of an exploding wedding cake…

Becky and Sam wed and move to Deleware to set up house, there also happens to be a case of people dying after achieving their dreams.  Dean picks up on the case but Sam and Beck y are already on it.  With Sam refusing to see the impossibility of him and Becky being in love, Dean is left on his own.  Bobby sends him a unconventional hunter named Garth (DJ Squalls) to work the case.

It turns out that Sam has not genuinely falling in love with Becky and is under a love potion provided by demon, the same demon who is offering deals to the towns people but using a “technicality” to claim the souls early – namely using a fellow demon to kill those who have dealt with him.  Crowley shows up after being tipped off to what has been happening and takes care of the double crossing demon while informing the boys that the reason they haven’t seen a demon for a while is because he has called them off – so the Winchesters can concentrate on stopping the Leviathans.  Sam and Becky’s marriage is annulled and Dean has to admit that Sam has grown up.

This is a funny episode and is meant to be although not quite the level of “The French Mistake”.  Although the whole concept – Becky using a potion to be with Sam is a bit of dodgy territory.  While I tend not to look into programmes to find offensive meaning, what is affectively going on here is that Sam is being drugged by Becky against his will for her own pleasure.  Would this story be acceptable if it was the other way round?  That very idea was used in Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the trio, although there the darker connotations were addressed very well where as here it’s not.  I also find Becky an amusing character but not one I really want to see again and again.

Saying that there was a highlight to this episode, that being the Garth – the skinny, wise cracking, loose limbed, fun-loving hunter that becomes a buddy to Dean.  I have admired DJ Squalls comedic ability for a while and once again he does great here, acting as an alternative hunter to the usual gruff, tough as nails, hard-drinking, gun-toting, flannel clad alpha males that we usually see.  It was also great to see Crowley and his view that “hell has integrity” is clearly a dig at the current financial climate and I really hope to see more of him through the season.

Overall a good episode with some great humour but not executed as well as it could or should be.

Best lines: “Shouldn’t she be asking for my permission?”, “Dead Poet’s Society”, “Really? Superfan99”, “I thought you’d be taller”

How to Win Friends & Influence Monsters

A yuppie couple are enjoying “glamping” as they get ready to sleep in their sleeping bags – on a bed in their luxury camper van.  The husband wakes up to find himself upside down in a tree – and is eaten alive.

Dean, Sam and Bobby are lying low – not even a motel is safe for them at the moment.  Dean thinks the world wants to die as Sam and Bobby pick up on a possible case of the Jersey Devil.  They quickly rule out a few known monsters and through actual hunting they manage to kill the creature responsible – grey skin, black inside and killed by bullets.  A new creature? No – a normal human radically affected.  As the boys and Bobby attempt to figure out whats going on, Dean tucks into the towns speciality – a Turducken Sandwich.  Everyone is eating the Turducken and acting as if stoned including Dean.  The sandwich is responsible and all down to the Leviathan. They’re back and conducting and experiment to fatten humans while keeping them subdued.  Their plan is working – except a small percentage turn into psychotic cannibals.

Dick Roman – rich businessman, author, motivational speaker and possible Presidential candidate as well as the Levitathan boss shows up to check out the operation. As the boys attempt to figure out what is going on and stop the Turducken plot, Bobby is captured but manages to learn the Leviathans plans.  Sam and Dean manage to rescue Bobby as Dick fires at the retreating van.  The boys drive away and turn to Bobby – his hat has a bullet whole in it and he is not responding – end of episode.

This was a good episode for the series arc.  The Leviathan are back and we get to see what they are up to.  Edgar is back (and we get another flashback) as well as the The Doctor, who is punished by Dick by being “bibbed” – he’s made to eat himself.  James Patrick Stewart is fantastic as Dick Roman – charming, slick and deadly.

There is some great stuff with Bobby and the boys and seeing them actually hunt is refreshingly realistic.  Once again Jensen shows new sides to Dean – this time acting stoned and giving his views on the world wanting to kill itself since the boys have to save it every year.  However there is a line by Sam that makes no sense “We don’t know how to kill them”, except they do know – beheading and making sure the head is separated from the body like we saw in the past episode.  Apart from that it is a solid episode with a quite shocking cliffhanger.

Best lines: “Ok Davy Crockett”, “Ranger Rick”, “Big Bird, Ken Doll, Creepy Uncle”, “If I wasn’t so chilled out right now I would puke”, “Mean old coot and a van full of guns”, “you die before me and I’ll kill you”.

Rating (Ep 8): 3/5
Rating (Ep 9):
Steven Stone

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