TV REVIEW: Supernatural S7 Eps 12 & 13 – “Time After Time” & “The Slice Girls”

It’s that time of the week again.  The Winchesters are back.  Still dealing with the death of their beloved Bobby, can they hold it together to take on Gods and Amazon’s or will they fall apart?

Episode 12: Time After Time

We start with Sam and Dean in mid hunt as Dean goes with a plan of “don’t die” as they take off after a mysterious gent.  Dean spies the stranger apparently absorbing the life of a victim and runs to tackle the stranger.  There is a flash of red light and Dean, along with the stranger – disappears.

Two Days Later – Sam gets a call from Sheriff Mills with a possible case, people going missing and then turning up mummified.  It certainly seems a case for the Winchesters despite the only witness being a clearly spaced out.  The boys pursue the lead until we reach where we started with Dean tackling the perpetrator.  When the red glow clears the stranger makes his escape with Dean in pursuit – Dean is stopped by police, the area is strange and Dean is hauled in.  Dean is interrogated by a police officer who proceeds to insult him and state his idea is clearly fake as it is issued 68 years from now.  The date is revealed – it’s 1944!  Yet another stranger makes his way to Dean, one who knows the case and Dean quickly works out the stranger is a fellow hunter, they introduce themselves – this stranger is none other than Elliot Ness.

Sam and Sheriff Mills deal with the case in the present, trying to solve it by going through Bobby’s various belongings that Sheriff Mills has brought along. Meanwhile Dean is in heaven meeting his hero and proceeds to make his way as partner to Elliot Ness – getting a sharp suit, meeting Esra – a female version of Bobby, and quoting lines from “The Untouchables”.  The brothers work the case from both ends of their decades and come to find the stranger is the god Chronos who is using life-force to jump through time.  Sam manages to find that they can summon Chronos but Dean needs to be holding Chronos at the exact point Chronos is summoned to bring him back to the present.  Dean manages to find a weapon in his time to kill Chronos while he bonds with Ness.  Dean also manages to get a message to Sam by way of finding the house where Sam is based in the present and slipping message in the skirting board.

The boys prepare for a showdown with Chronos.  Dean confronts Chronos who outmatches him.  Sam manages to trace the last person to see Chronos in the past to  find where he’ll be.  Chronos is prepared to kill Dean when Ness steps out with a hostage – Chronos reveals he has travelled back to 1944 to reach a women he has fallen in love with – the same woman Ness has hostage.  Sam summons Chronos as Dean is being strangled by Chronos, Ness throws him the weapon needed and Dean is back in the present with Chronos.  After a clash Sam manages to kill Chronos.  Before he dies Chronos reveals he has seen their future and it is “covered in thick, black ooze, everywhere, they’re everywhere”.  He means the Leviathan – episode end.

This was a really good episode. Very funny stuff with Dean quoting lines from “The Untouchables” and the people of 1944 not understanding his references and lingo.  Nicholas Lea who portrays Elliot Ness does a cracking job in the role, the tough guy that has a few surprises up his sleeve.  The whole thing is topped with the attention to detail for the period – clothes, atmosphere, language and music which is used to impressive and enhancing effect.

The story is good and while the most interesting part is with Dean and Elliot, Sam and the returning Sheriff Mills work very well and support the story rather than being a hinderance.  While the episode does end very suddenly, the closing lines about the future are extremely haunting.

Best lines: “Don’t give me that dirty diaper look”, It’s called anime and it’s an art form”, “How does paper beat rock?”, “Or are you strictly into Dick now?”, “That’s the Chicago way”, “Nev er watching that movie again”, “Biff strategy”, “Kinda puny for a god”, “No one died you morbid sonofabitch”, “Boo hoo cry me a river nancy boy”.

Episode 13: “The Slice Girls”

We open with a man in his apartment and a stranger comes in and brutally murders him, ending by carving a mysterious symbol into his chest.

We join the boys as Dean awakes and takes a drink from Bobby’s flask.  They are on their way to a case – men found murdered with hands and feet missing and been thrown through walls.  When the boys examine the latest victim the mortician reveals that while there has been loads of DNA left at each scene – none of it matches anything on record though, in fact it’s not even human.  While Sam goes to research,  Dean goes “undercover” i.e. going to a bar, drinking and pulling a woman – which he succeeds at.  We see Dean with his conquest (although it seems like he is her conquest more than the other way round) while another man is brutally murdered.

The next day and a rough Dean joins Sam to examine the latest victim.  Dean realises he has left the flask at his previous nights encounters house and calls her to retrieve – she doesn’t seem that interested and it is revealed she is pregnant.  We move to the woman giving birth surrounded by a group of women – the baby is named “Emma”.

Dean and Sam pursue the symbol lead which takes them to a university professor played by Harry Groener (the Mayor from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), who reveals that the symbol is linked to the Amazons – the famed race of female warriors.  These women get pregnant by men and then kill him not long after.  Dean still hasn’t got his flask back so goes to retrieve it and finds the woman with a baby – that talks.  His curiosity peaked he hangs round to investigate.  The group of women show up and “Emma” is now a little girl.  Sam and Dean process all the information they have when some of Bobby’s papers reveal themselves suddenly.  Dean suggests Bobby may not be truly gone – Sam states they burned him and while there is EMF there is rational explanation.  Sam takes the papers to the professor while Dean is under lock down at the motel.  The professor reveals there is more to the Amazon legend and that it’s the child conceived by the Amazon that kills the father.  Meanwhile Dean receives a visit from the now teenage Emma who states he is her father and asks for his help.

Sam rushes to rescue Dean but the women were already on to the hunters and dispatched one of their own to take care of Sam, Sam manages to take of her though. Emma convinces Dean to let her and asks that he help her escape the women.  Dean agrees to help as Emma readies her knife.  However Dean and figured it was a ruse, although had expected her mother.  Dean gives her a chance to walk away.  Sam shows up and kills Emma.  The boys move to the base of the Amazons but they have already gone.

Sam is pissed at Dean for hesitating on killing Emma, citing what Dean said about Amy.  Dean said it was slightly different as Emma technically as his daughter but he would have killed her anyway.  The boys seem to realise they are both as screwed up as each other.

This was a fair episode.  There was some good lines with Sam winding Dean up about his pursuit of his encounter.  Harry Groener as the professor also adds some good humour and works well with the boys – wanting compensation for his work meaning the boys have to think on the fly to get him to work for them.

I though more could have been made of Dean and his “daughter”, they barely spend any time together before she is killed by Sam.  Seems a bit of a missed opportunity to me.  The premise is good, the Amazons themselves were a bit uninspired and easily killed but I suppose something has to be able to die by bullet.

Overall the boys were great as usual but the episode was only fair.

Best Lines: “I feel worse than I look”, “I think I am getting too old for this”, “Aw sweet she gave you her number”, “a grateful nation and a good word with the IRS”, “First thing you notice – red flag”, “By sunset she’s Hannah Montana…the  early years”, “Wonder Woman”, “You’re just as screwed up as I am only bigger”.

Rating Episode 12: 5/5
Rating Episode 13: 3/5
Steven Stone

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