OvD-box-frontThis week on GS Table Games we look at the Lords of War card game with Dwarves, Elves, Lizardmen and Orcs all doing battle to win the war!

It sees fantasy races engage in dynamic, tactical card battles which surge across your table top, taking between 30-45 minutes per game. Each of our double-deck packs is playable out of the box and contains two complete armies, all of which are ready and eager to engage in gratuitous acts of fantasy mayhem.

Our armies are differentiated by their exclusive cards, which feature distinctive playing styles according to the characteristics and qualities of that particular fantasy race. Also, all of our cards boast stunning original artwork by award-winning artist Steve Cox.

New Lords of War double-decks and expansion packs have already been developed in-house to support the initial core packs and to provide for a pipeline of Lords of War products into the future. These new products have been designed and tested to also work as standalone card games, but each also supports the core game packs and will be released throughout 2013 and beyond.


Lords of War is a card battle combat game between two players or more but for now let’s talk about the core set and the two player version. I enjoy card based games like deck building ones or Smash Up but have never jumped on the Magic bandwagon so was a bit hesitant about this until I saw the box and heard the buzz around it. With this in mind I jumped in to do battle.

The idea for the game is simple and easy to pick up. Two factions with two players and you each have an army consisting of various types including Infantry, Ranged and Spear. They each have special ability’s or attack strengths and defence weaknesses.  You shuffle your army and select your hand of six cards including your General that will form your available cards for battle.



Each player starts of by placing a card on the game mat that is included in the box and then the fun starts. All the cards have arrows on then pointing out in a direction (see below for card image) with a number on them. This is the attack/damage number and the arrow must be connected to a card of the enemy army by that arrow’s direction. All the cards have a defence number or a shield number as I like to think of them, so the idea is that if my card has an attack of 4 and the enemies card has a defence or shield value of 3 then I have beaten that enemy and can remove that card.

However no battle is one sided so the defending card also attacks with their arrow number which could end in them taking the win instead or both die. The key strategy here is to place cards in a position that attacks but also defends you at the same time so if the enemy card has no attack coming out of the left side of the card and you have an attack coming out of the right you are safe.

As I mentioned some cards have other abilities like the suicide runs called the Berserker’s who have a attack of 5 which is enough to kill any card but a defence of 1 so it means you take out a powerful card but die in the process as well. Another key card type is the range card which could be an archer who can inflict damage on a 3 x 3 grid in front of him/her/it. This is a great attack method as sometime the enemy forgets about the range element and just sees the attack arrows so they place a card where they think they are safe but are killed by the range attacked instead.

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The attack rules are simple but then you have to start thinking like a chess player by looking at the cards on the mat and seeing where there are weaknesses or opportunities for double kills. At times the mat can be quite full of cards of either one army or both sides and at other times there could be no enemy cards on the mat and this is what makes the game a different challenge every time. You could have a 20 minute game or a 45 minute game depending on your strategy. There are two ways to win the game, the first is to claim 20 of the enemies’ cards and the second is to claim 4 of the enemies command cards.

Black Box Games first released the games with Orcs vs Dwarves which was a good plan as there is always love for these two factions in any game. My eldest son will now only play as Dwarves because as he says “they rock”. The second pack that was released was Elves vs Lizardmen which was a great addition. We have played both packs and already have combined them.

When you pick the game you can be assured that you will get a fun, quick but also challenging ride with lots of strategy going on. Or you could just go for the kills as quickly as possible, maybe play a time rule that says you have 30 seconds to place your soldier which will ensure a quick ending. I would easily recommend this game to children of 8 and above to adults of any ages. It does not get bogged down with spells that complicate matters and it does not allow for any arguments, the rules are clear so that all kills are easily confirmed.


Geek Syndicate prepare to run two games at the same time. Bring it on!


The children will be able to just grab the small box and strike up a game anywhere in no time so that is a huge plus for Lords of War. The boxes are a great size and can easily fit into a jacket pocket and the game mat fold neatly without it losing too much shape each time. In each box you get two factions (72 cards) a game mat and the rules.

The four factions so far have great artwork that is done by Steve Cox who has done an amazing job with all the cards and I hope he carries on for the rest of expansions. You can check out his site HERE. Talking of sites I have to give a huge shout out to the guys at Black Box games and the official site HERE because they have created a hub of love for this game with artwork, back stories, online videos and so much more. It is one of the best game sites I have seen in a long while and their Facebook page HERE is very welcoming with quick responses the same day by the friendly team.

There are rules for multiplayer that you can download from the sites forum but in truth this game works best as a two player environment from my experience. That is not to say that it does not work in the multiplayer format but the fun is in the one on one match.

The packs cost just under £15 and you can get them from all good game or comic shops but also from the official site where you can get either pack or a combo of the two. The price is definitely worth because the replay value here is huge and the size of the game means you can take it anywhere.

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The next expansion Templars vs Undead and really shows the various factions that Black Box Games want to cover.

So overall this is a great game that is perfect for first timers or hard-core gamers because of the rules, the design, the art and the fun factor.

And as an extra treat meet the creators below where the explain their aims with Lords of War and if you are at Essen this weekend be sure to say hi to the guys there and pick up a copy.


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Source: Lords of War, Facebook
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    Black Box Games are running a kickstarter campaign at the moment to fund their third double deck (Templars vs Undead). The artwork looks amazing – there are previews of it on the kickstarter page.Really worth checking out.

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