zombiesAfraid of the undead walking around? If so then this is not the game for you as we fight to make it through town and escape from the ZOMBIES!!!

The shotgun roared. The lifeless body flew off the hood as the jeep turned into the parking lot of Taco Casa. Outside the streets were littered with walking dead, slowly following the two survivors in their vehicle. An overturned 18-wheeler in the middle of the road caused Loren to take a detour. The jeep bounced onto the sidewalk.

“Helipad’s that way!” Bruno pointed in the other direction as he reloaded the shotgun with his last six shells.

And with that we start on a journey to reach the helipad and get the hell out-of-town before the Zombies get us. Zombies!!! is a game by Twilight Creations Inc. that originally came out years ago but has since been repackaged and updated with new artwork and some other bits but the core game is still the same. It is a board game but the board grows throughout the game.

The aim of the game is create the map by playing a board tile on every turn and kill any Zombies in your way while collecting extra “heart” tokens and also bullet tokens and then head towards the helipad. But the catch is that you have no idea where the helipad will be until very late in the game.

Each player takes his turn which consists of taking a map tile and placing it on the board. This is a bit like dominos as it has to match to the tile it is next to so you can’t have a road go into a wall of a hospital. Each of these tiles will have either just random road exits or a “named” building on it like Police Station or Sporting Goods Store. On these named tiles it will say how many Zombies, heart and bullets need to be placed there.


Board tile the "Police Station"

Board tile the “Police Station”

The next thing you need to do is fight any zombies if they are on your tile by using a very easy combat rule. “If you roll a four, five or six, you win and the zombie is added to your collection; if you roll a one, two or three, you lose and must either, forfeit a life token or spend enough bullet tokens to raise the roll enough to make it successful.” So this means you can use the heart token to reroll or you can use a bullet token to tally your score up to 4 or above.

Then we have to draw up the three event cards. Every player must have up to three event cards and these will have special abilities such as half the other player’s movement, move Zombies to any other square or double their own movement rolls and lots more. You can hold these cards at any time or depending on what building you are in.

Now is time for movement which is simple. You roll a die and move that many spaces. If however you cross paths with a Zombie then you will need to fight it. Now remember you can move around the board killing Zombies or collecting hearts and bullets by standing on them but you also don’t know where the helipad will be as it will only appear in the last 5 tiles of the game and there are 30 map tiles.


Of course we must not forget about the Zombies and we need to help them. Once you have moved your player you now need to move the Zombies. Roll a die and move that many zombies one space. Now that means only a handful of zombies will move so if you feel like kicking up a notch we play our own advance Zombie rules which are if you roll a 5 then 5 Zombies move 5 spaces each rather than just 5 Zombies move 1 space each. Trust me it can get scary out there.

The last thing you can do is discard one event card from your hand if it does not help you but you still have to wait till your turn next time to replace it.

The rather small box contains 30 map tiles, 50 event cards, 100 plastic Zombies, 6 Plastic Shotgun Guys (pawns), 30 life (heart) tokens, 60 bullet tokens and 2 Dice. The size of the box means you can easily take this game anywhere and just crack open a game anyplace anytime.

Below are pictures of one of our games in real-time which shows you how the board game develops over 45 minutes.

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The artwork on the map tiles and the cards are excellent with the cards containing some rather gory scenes. The Zombies are small plastic pieces but very cool to occasionally go “guurrghhhh” when moving them. The map tiles are sturdy and cool to look at.

The game engine is very simple and you never know if you will make it to the helipad alive or even where it will be because every game is a different map. The rules take about 5 minutes to learn and you will be up and running in no time so full marks for the game engine. It says for 2 to 6 players and ages 12 and up but I have been playing this with my 11-year-old who loves it so this game has an excellent adults and children aspect to it. Most games will last about 45 minutes.

The game is produced by Twilight Creations Inc. and these guys have some other cool games but the best news is that they have been bringing out expansion packs or this game for years and you have a dozen to choose from. Below are just some of them:


Zombies!!! 2: Zombie Corps(e)
Ready…Aim…Scream! This is the long-awaited military base expansion for the Zombies!!! board game. Z2C adds 15 new map tiles (Barracks, Motor Pool, Secret Lab, etc.), 30 new event cards (Rocket Launcher, Govt. Enhanced Zombies, etc.), rules and six glow-in-the-dark zombie miniatures. Requires Zombies!!! to play.

Zombies!!! 3: Mall Walkers
Mall Walkers takes the horror to a new level, combining nasty undead with shopping.

Zombies!!! 5: School’s Out Forever
Have you got the guts to make it at Twilight University?

Zombies!!! 6: Six Feet Under
There can’t be zombies underground, right?

Zombies!!! 7: Send in the Clowns
The circus is in town! This time though, the clowns aren’t funny… They’re hungry and they think you would make a good snack!

Zombies!!! 8: Jailbreak!
When the zombies come to town, jail wouldn’t be a bad place to be…right!?! While this is good in theory, it only takes one zombie to ruin your plan. The straightjacket might be a problem too!

Zombies!!! 9: Ashes to Ashes
Zombies!!! 9 lets you explore your local cemetery and see if you can stop the source of the zombie scourge. What is that funny-smelling smoke coming from the crematorium, anyway?


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Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Just discovered there’s a version of this board game on IOS for up to 4 players online or as a single player with AI team-mates. It’s currently retailing at £1.99. #Yoink

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