TECH REVIEW: Element Games Iridum 820 Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Element Gaming

RRP: £29.99

I’ve often been told that one of the most important things to spend the money on, when you’re buying a PC, is the keyboard and mouse. The logic of this is simple – it’s the things you actually touch – but to be honest I’ve always stuck with decent quality, but basic kit to interface with all that expensive hardware. So naturally I had to jump at the chance to prove myself wrong when offered a proper gaming mouse to review. Element Gaming are new to the market, and a fiercely competitive one it is too, so not only to they have to convince people like that I want a gaming mouse, but to go for their in particular.

First impressions count, especially on the (real and virtual) shelves, and the first think I thought when I opened the package was that it’s a really nice box. The presentation of the whole product is slick and attractive, and the mouse itself is a nicely understated design. Initially you can just plug it in (USB) and go, although most of the buttons need addional software installed, which I’ll come to in a moment. It’s large but with a low profile, and fits nicely under my hands, the weight keeping it on the desk and under control as you use it. The big trick of the Iridium 820 is a conformable palm grip, which you can adjust for comfort, which is a nice idea, although I have pretty big hands and felt the basic size was enough for me. Sadly I also keep catching the adjustment screw, which juts out a litiridium-820-gaming-mouse-2tle too much and the only real mark down on the whole design.

As with any gaming mouse the Iridium 820 comes stuffed with buttons. To make them work you need to install the software which comes with the mouse, which allows you to set profiles for different games, control most of the mouse’s movement settings, and even change the colour that it glows – gimmicky, for sure, but still cute. The software is an odd, murky set of screens that feel a little old-fashioned but certainly works well, and the functionality is excellent.

I think it’s safe to say I’m a convert to the idea of a proper Gaming Mouse, and for only £29.99 this is excellent value in a crowded marketplace. I’m certainly never going back to only two buttons ever again!

You can check out this mouse, and the company’s other offerings over at

GS Rating: 4/5
GS Blogger: Matt

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