The Abnormals

The Abnormals, by Grant Springford follows a group of strange offbeat superheroes. An army of villainous beings known as The Ragged Ghosts are haunting the London tube stations. Their attacks are becoming worse and worse. Can The Abnormals stop them?

When you first pick up this book, you will be astounded by the beautiful artwork. It is eye catching, popping right at you, demanding you to read the book. The colours are bright and vibrant, thrilling you with every page.

The Ragged Ghosts are very effective. Using a similar template to Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels they have the ability to make the reader feel a little uneasy watching  them. This serves Springford well: by creating such an effective villain, the reader wants The Abnormals to succeed even before we have properly been introduced to them.

The beginning of the book works well, playing out like a James Bond film. Thankful for Springford it is more Casino Royale then Die Another Day. There are nice moments in this book where it pays homage to other classic small press books. A poster of the book Spandex. Geek Girl and Sgt Mike Battle to name a few are up on the tube walls.

Abnormals feels like a homage to many of Morrison’s earlier work with Vertigo. There are the characteristic Morrison traits from Animalman with the hand coming from outside the panel, as if it is from our world instead of The Abnormals  universe, whereas the team itself feels like a modern day Doom Patrol. Yet at the same time, Springford brings enough innovation, using his own style and finesse to make this feel fresh and original.

Springford here provides something that I believe has long been missing in comic books. A truly great psychedelic story. The script is tight, doing everything that an issue one should. It allows the reader to be introduced to the characters whilst at the same time creates a story that will keep you interested and wanting part 2. The final few pages of this book are exciting, promising much from this title.  It has the same intrigue as many new Doctor Who episodes if not more so. The pacing is great. It never feels rushed, yet it manages to cram so much into twenty eight pages. Further, the pages are allowed to breathe, letting the reader appreciate the artwork behind them. Springford knows exactly what he is doing.

The Abnormals has followed in the path of Sugar Glider and Spandex providing us with a showcase of great British talent. This book should definitely be picked up. It is fresh and unique providing a collection of intriguing characters that are far more interesting then most Marvel or DC Comics these days.

GS Rating: 4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Luke Halsall

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