The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 1 Review

Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory  kicks off with ‘The Robotic Manipulation’, where in Sheldon decides to procreate, Penny’s ousted as a lady of a promiscuous persuasion , and Howard gets manipulated by a robot in the best – and worst – of ways.


Sheldon has spent the last four months in digital contact with Amy Farrah Fowler, (his date from the season 3 finale), and he’s decided two things: Amy is not his girlfriend, and she may be the future mother of his child. Penny convinces him to take Amy on a real date so he might realise having children with her is not the best idea, but it backfires when they spent most of the date estimating the amount of sexual partners Penny has had. After the date Penny finally breaks out the big guns: what would Sheldon’s conservative, religious mother think of her son having a test tube baby out of wedlock.

Meanwhile, Howard is having fun with a robotic arm he ‘borrowed’ from NASA. Designed for repairs on the International Space Station, the arm gets put to use as a waiter, and a masseuse (in more than one way). But then Howard’s computer freezes on ‘screwdriver’ mode and he’s stuck with his junk in the hand of a robot. He calls Leonard and Raj to help, but dismisses all ideas involving sharp implements or welding torches. So it’s off to the emergency room they go, where a nurse who asks. “Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?” they give it a go and the hand releases, and Howard’s member is free as a bird…….. until he gets it stuck again.

**End of Spoilers**

The episode is a fantastic start to the new season, the jokes where as good as all the other seasons although there were less geeky references. The only real comic book joke was about Aquamans toilet habbits (and it was pretty funny), but all the jokes about the social ineptitude of the 4 geeks more then made up for the lack of geekdom gags.

This was a definite Sheldon/Penny episode, which is great as I love the dynamic those two have. Penny’s real world knowledge really plays well against Sheldon’s scientific knowledge and she normally ends up coming out looking like the intelligent one.

The stuff with Howard, Raj and Leonard was a great side story to the main plot and it provided some of the funniest sight gags the show has ever achieved.

Overall I will give the episode 4 out of 5

GS Reporter:Kelly

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